Monday, August 29, 2011

Revisiting America

I will finish my Ely blog today because I won't have a chance to blog before next week, and I don't trust myself to remember names and details. 
I have back-slidden (please English teachers don't say anything) from the Baptist church apparently because I've let convenience dictate where I go, and what could be easier that walking a block to church.  I visited the Lutheran and Presbyterian churches again, heard different ministers, and had a chance to say good-bye to people I had met.  Again, both churches good crowds, good messages, and good music.  A Finnish choir sang at the Lutheran service.  At least some of the verses I couldn't understand so I assumed it was sung in Finnish.  Am I showing my ignorance here?
After church my landlord's and good friends Ward and Muffin Nelson and I went to lunch and this gave me a chance to thank them for their many kindnesses. 
The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent packing and getting things ready to leave. 
Kevin Bradley came this morning and helped me load the car.  Kevin helped me move in so I had opportunity to see him again.  I know you keep wondering why I have so much to move.  Remember this isn't a week-long trip, but a year's worth, and I did bring clothes for that amount of time, plus my kitchen.
My sister Shirley, in Birmingham, is a Social Worker with Hospice and one of her co-workers/overseers of  Shirley's patients is Dr. Elizabeth Kvale.  They had been talking and Dr. Elizabeth mentioned being in Minnesota.  "Where", Shirley asked.  In Tower about 20 miles from Ely.
Of course Shirley couldn't believe the coincidence.  Anyway, Dr. Elizabeth's mother Janice is spending the summer in Tower, which the family has done for many years.  That prompted a visit, so after finally contacting Janice, we met for lunch today and enjoyed talking about my trip, our families, etc:  Janice writes short stories and articles and gave me an interesting place on-line to get some tips on writing, and I know the "choir" is saying "AMEN".   Anyway, Janice is a very talented lady, having taught at the University of Texas. She is a nurse by profession.
Angela and I are going to get Chinese "take-out" for supper and say our good-byes.  (The Oriental Orchid has good food because I've done this before).  She has been a most special lady in my stay in Ely, introducing people, facilitating events, recommending books and places.  So nice to know someone "in the know".  I called her my social co-ordinator.  Wonderful Christian lady, and remember me telling you when we first met how beautiful she is, inside and out.  We will keep in touch.  She will spend her winter months in New York, and may even come to Chatom, I hope so.
Another fun thing today.  I had to have a picture with a canoe on top of my car.  So, what better place than Piragis Northwoods Company, Canoe Trip Outfitters.  The manager, Michelle, took me around to the complex where Christina and Jamie, so easily, picked up a canoe, put it on top of my car, and we made pictures.  Thank you so much.  I didn't want to ask because I didn't want it to be any trouble, but this is what they do and it was effortless for them.
If I have forgotten some people, places and events, it wasn't intentional.  I have done so much here and feel like I know Ely real well,  I know it's a place I want to re-visit.

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