Monday, September 12, 2011

Revisiting America

I do begin with an apology to all my Ely friends and offer an excuse however legitimate.  I've started blogging several times only to have it just disappear, not because I've done something wrong, but because my access weakens and my blog is gone.  This will be an attempt to catch up and hope all will go well as I blog.
My first night out after leaving Ely became an adventure in itself, trying to find a place to stay.  All around Bismark, at least a hundred miles in every direction,  the motels were booked.  The young man at one of the motels where I stopped said FEMA personnel, National Guard, etc: were out in force because of the flooding and fires prior to the flooding.  Anyway he called the Prarie Knights Casino on an Indian reservation and booked me a room eventhough it meant going almost fifty miles out of the way.
A beautiful high-end resort and casino but I only saw the lobby and my room.  It was late and I was a little anxious about the whole thing.
The next morning was so foggy I had to actually follow a car out of the parking lot to find my was back to the main highway..
My time on the road certainly wasn't wasted, I make good time, but it was a rather long two days.  My next night I spent in Livingston, Montana, very close to Bozeman, but it was late and I absolutely couldn't go any further, especially couldn't go in on Jo Anne's friends unannounced.
My Onstar is absolutely marvelous.  They probably say each time we connect, "here is that crazy Alabama lady, who wants to deal with her"?  They have worn out the phrase, "you have left the planned route", but deal with me until I'm on track again.  I know it's nothing personal.

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