Saturday, November 5, 2011

Revisiting America

My accomodations on this ferry were a little larger, the room having two sets of bunk-beds rather than one, giving me more floor space, and the bathroom was a little nicer. The dining was cafeteria-style, good food, as many as five entrees for the night meal, cafeteria open 24 hours. I'm sure most of the ferries are about the same, this one only a little smaller and older than the trip to Ketchikan.
Met some interesting ladies touring with an Elder Hostel group, having been to Ketchikan for tours and study. All on board were invited to watch 2 movies concerning their study. A nice way to travel-people your own age, inexpensive, many, many areas of study, everything planned and coordinated for you. Something to look in to.
There are three crossings where you are in unprotected waters, and I had begun to dread the Port Charlotte one, which usually lasts two hours, but this time I considered it rather rough, and it lasted three hours, but one of the workers, when I asked, said it was an "average" crossing.
Anyway, we were on time getting to Bellingham Friday morning, around 8:15.
I was so glad to get on the road again, and I was non-stop when I drove off the ferry.
The scenery, having changed drastically in the month I was in Ketchikan, was so beautiful, most of the trees having turned every shade of yellow and gold, and stacked up against the mountains. I couldn't take pictures and drive, so I chose to make time. Spent the first night in Baker City, Oregon(the scenery gorgeous through the state), drove on to Provo, Utah (the scenery so different with the bare hills and mountains) the second night, and having called Mack and Marie Jones, spent Sunday night with them in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I've always considered true friendship the kind that regardless of the years of abscence between visits, you pick up right where you left off. It was a great visit, and they are such welcoming and attentive hosts.
Only about 140 miles from Pagosa Springs to Taos, so I was checking in my Casita in Taos by 1:00 p.m., just so thankful for a safe journey.

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