Sunday, November 6, 2011

Revisiting America

Thursday night when I attended the marionette show two ladies spoke to me, they were admiring the coat I had on, they asked if I was by myself, then they asked me to sit with them. Both are artists, Barbara Bartels and Margaret Baucom, so I found out where they were showing some of their work and visited the stores. Both very talented in my estimation, but entirely different techniques. I was only able to see one of Barbara's because the gallery was closed, but will be open later. But Margaret's paintings were in Arroyo Seco, a small town maybe five miles from Taos.
Arroyo Seco is described as a combination of historical adobes used for shops and enough other experiences to surprise anyone. I was warned to go very slow because the streets are very narrow and many pedestrians are roaming around.
Someone suggested taking your time because the store owners liked to visit with everyone. I found that to be true. Probably 20 shops in all but one of the favorites was The Taos Cow. I took a picture outside because one of the benches is painted like a cow, didn't go in, but found out later that this shop was voted one of the top ten ice cream shops in America by Bon Appetite Magazine. Comments were, "it's pricey but worth every penny". You'll never know if I revisit the town. They do serve breakfast and lunch, so maybe.
One block off main street is a rather plain, but beautiful church, cared for by Manuel a specially designated caretaker called a mayordomo, and this honor and privelege of caring for the church is handed down from generation to generation, Manuel's father and grandfather before him. I was unable to get in the church, but someone said there were priceless alter screen paintings inside.

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