Sunday, January 1, 2012

Revisiting America

First Baptist Church Taos was a block from my house, but rain necessitated my driving to church. Beautiful, simple inside, maybe 20 people in all. Several young couples, singles, but the rest older couples. Good music, with a piano and songs from the hymnal. The pianist was Dr. Ellen Warren, general practitioner, so nice to talk to and a very popular doctor in town, from comments made by others when I mentioned her name.
My morning walk the next day ended with me slipping and falling on the ice and thankfully I didn't break anything or have to limp home. Just several scratches on one hand and of course, a good jar all over. A reminder that I needed to watch carefully where I'm stepping which is so hard to do as you're walking and trying to take in the scenery too.
Did have a chance to visit the Sage Gallery that I had mentioned earlier and got a card, a small sample of painting by Barbara Bartels. Was able to see some of the Mabel Dodge Luhan house. It is a "bed and breakfast" and they were busy checking in a group of students so I poked around by myself. The location makes up all that might be lacking in the house, it is old, but beautiful. The name, "Illusions" is a perfect name for the house, and of course there's a wonderful story about Mabel Dodge Luhan, the house, and her reason for being in Taos.
I had been curious about a particular restaurant called, "Lambert's" and had to find out if it at all resembled the Lambert's in Foley, Alabama. Well, it didn't. It was a beautiful, older, remodeled building, quite elegant, white cloths on the tables, crystal and china, beautiful lighting, and impeccable service. My splurge was a filet mignon, cooked perfectly, potatoes thinly sliced, in a sauce, and served like a slice of pie, asparagus, woncerful bread, and after telling about my trip, which everyone in the restaurant was interested in, a complimentary chocolate mousse dessert. Forgot the salad, with the house dressing, was as good as all the rest of the meal.
My plans to leave Taos on Wednesday, November 16, by 10:00 a.m. were delayed because I slept later than I should have, and it took longer to pack the car, which I would be doing for the last time, a little sad to think about that.
My landlady was not there when I left, she and daughter and son-in-law manage other properties, but did get to tell Christie and Ron goodbye.
No particular time schedule, but several places to visit that are mentioned in Kuralt's book.
Georgia O'Keefe, a famous painter, lived for a while at the Ghost Ranch, in Abiqui not far from Espanola, so I spent some time there, on to Chimayo, a beautiful small town, with a famous church, then arriving in Sante Fe after dark which was not a good idea but did find a good motel without too much trouble.
On to Albuquerque, not too early the next morning. Such a pretty town, and day's worth of things to see and do, but I limited myself to several things mentioned in the book. A particular men's hat shop that made hats by request and order was visited by and Kuralt, and me. I did try on some of the hats and had my picture made in one. Nice men working there who had met Kuralt and not sure if he bought a hat. Then on to "Old Town" which was the old town, but now is maintained as a shopping mecca, naturally an old church,famous at one time,
Went through Belen, New Mexico but couldn't find the barbershop or any of the people in the book. Quite a large town, but still many old, preserved buildings. Really wanted to spend time there, but didn't feel like I had the time.
Arrived in Socorro around 4:00 in the afternoon and was lucky to find a room because of the "Crane(bird)Festival.

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