Saturday, November 5, 2011

Revisiting America

There are two things I intend to accomplish today, catch up on my blogging, and watch Alabama beat LSU.
There are several things scheduled in town that I wanted to attend, a fundraiser for the Charter School featuring soup and pottery. Local potters, with the students participating in the glazing, make the bowls, and the soup and bread is provided by local restaurants. Plus, original music by Charter School students.
And, there is an opening reception and trunk showing for November's artist Faith Welsh, who will be demonstrating knitting and crocheting techniques of her hand-knit wearable art peices featured at the Museum Store at the Harwood Museum of art. Not that I knit or crochet, but it would be an interesting event.
My reluctance in not going out is the fact that it has been snowing steadily for the last several hours, everything, including my car, covered in snow. A beautiful sight, but I'm not too sure that I want to venture out in it.
I do need to "back-up" and get me to Taos, which was a wonderful trip in itself.
I woke up to rain, on the 26th, and wondered about getting my car packed, but it did slack enough for that, and I was able to get some thank-you's to certain people, eat lunch again at The Point with Nicole, tell Dave Rubin good-bye again, and get in the line for the ferry by 2:00 p.m.
Should be no hurry, because once you're on you're not going anywhere. But as I said before, I certainly didn't want to miss it.

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