Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Revisiting America

This will be my last posting from Ketchikan, a quickie, and I'll go into more detail later, you've heard that before?
Last Sunday I attended First Baptist Church again. Had intended to go to the Catholic church, but didn't realize the Mass started at 9:30, even though I was up, just not ready. Baptist church met a lady who grew up in Mobile, here because her husband is in the Coast Guard. So nice, and we knew about the same places and a few people.
Sunday afternoon Nicole and I attended a rehearsal of the production, "Anything Goes", since I wouldnt be here for the actual performance. Very talentedmix of people, some teen-agers, young couples, middle-aged, and a delightful 80 year old,former mayor of Ketchikan and the Bourough and a mainstay of the theater and performing arts here. He was singing and dancing as ably as everyone else. All areas of the arts is really promoted here.
Then we went to The Narrows restaurant for a bowl of clam chowder, and sampled appetizers. Many of the restaurants are participating in something like a "Bobby Flay Throwdown" and they were trying out different sauces, cooking techniques, etc: on the foods they were given, and we got to give our opinion on the results. Lot of fun, eventhough we were inn the Bar on a Sunday night (the restaurant area was closed).
Met a friend of Nicole's, a professional diver, native of Ketchikan, and in the conversation he asked if I had ridden in a float plane, my answer being "no", he said he would make arrangements for me to do that on Monday.
So, Monday at 1:30 p.m., I was at Pacific Air and was the "ride-along" for the trip to deliver people and cargo to four different places on Prince of Wales Island. How exciting, and I'll never be able to adequately describe the scenery. So fun, and such nice people.
And yesterday I was interviewed by the local daily newspaper, "The Daily News", pictures and all. She really didn't have to ask me questions because I have so much to say about the trip. Anyway, they'll send me copies whenever they run the story.
This ends another great month. Leave on the ferry at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, arrive back in Bellingham, Washington, Friday morning, and then to Taos, New Mexico.
I'm packed, but the car isn't yet, such heavy rain, but I will not miss the ferry, the next one in another week. More news later.

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