Thursday, May 5, 2011

Revisiting America

Lynn Lawrence of the mother-daughter duo, is First Baptist secretary, the mayor's wife, coordinator of many community activities, so attractive, likeable, funny, and a walking-talking guide about anything pertaining to Blowing Rock.  As the mayor's wife, she's out front when things are happening in her town.  She's a special friend of Jan Karon, author of the Mitford series, who wrote the books in Blowing Rock and used many people in town as characters in the series, of course, the names are changed.  Betty Pitts' home is next door to Jan Karon's home.  Lynn called  Jan and told her about our trip and she said a special "hello" to us and wished us well as we continue the adventure.  Jan is in town many times during the years for different fund-raising events and will be there the first week in June for lectures and gatherings.
Lynn wrote and narrates a Mitford tour and we were fortunate to be able to enjoy this with Lynn and mom, Betty.

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