Friday, May 6, 2011

Revisiting America

The Mile-High Swinging Bridge on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

Gedney M. Howe, III, the man who restored the Calhoun Mansion in Charleston, SC

The pineapple fountain in Battery Park in Charleston, SC

The pictures above are a test run for the blog as promised long ago.  If this works, there will be many more.
Please comment.

Lou and Janie


  1. These r wonderful! So glad u r back on-line...I missed your blog but am confident you'll catch us up! Love n miss y'all!
    HAPPY MOTHER's day to u both!

  2. HI Lou and Janie,
    What an interesting time that you spent in Blowing Rock! Since I love art, the frescoes and the process would have been so appealing to me.....guess we can't commission him to do some here in Chatom. The mansion builder, of course, is an artist as well. I've been wondering how ya'll have been but can see that you have been really busy!!!!
    School is winding down....never seems like there is enough time to accomplish all I want to with the children. Must zip for now...color me gone! Blessings! Eileen