Saturday, May 7, 2011

Revisiting America

I keep thinging of things I should have mentioned in the last blog but because of poor note-keeping I didn't mention them.
One, our landlords were so extremely nice and accomodating.  The condo had everything we needed and more, plus the fabulous views.  Would love to spend more time there.  Thank you Susan and Blake Shirley!
And, another of our serendipities-we were sitting in Kojay's (remember we had to go there to be connected to WIFI and Phyllis and John allowed us to use the porch or even go inside when closed to the public) using the computer when a couple( Kitty and Harley Gaston) came in and sat next to us.  We began talking, they were from Charlotte, but  owns a house in Blowing Rock with her brothers, and we mentioned our trip (we always have our Charles Kuralt book out on the table in plain view).  She said,"Oh, I knew him in high school, from junior high on.  He was several years older and in one of my brother's classes."  She shared more about Kuralt with us-after college he performed in "Antigone", he was the chorus; Charlie, as she called him, didn't play sports, was a good scholar, and was born with "that voice"; interested in journalism and worked with local newspaper while in school. We have found that anyone who knew Kuralt loved him and speak highly of him. We were so glad to have Kitty share with us.  
Janie has mastered putting pictures on our blog, so we will include them from now on.

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