Friday, March 4, 2011

Revisiting America

Good morning!
Seems like weeks since I've blogged.  We've been so busy getting settled in our new place. 
Left Key West, very reluctantly,  at 6:24 a.m. Monday morning, February 28( very good timing we thought because we had set our departure time for 6:00 a.m.).  We were so thrilled that Brooke, our neighbor, saw our house lights on and came out as we were leaving to give us addresses because we were not able to see them on Sunday and properly say good bye.  Such a nice family, Brad, Brooke, Cade, and Braden Miles.
An apology before I completely leave Key West.  Re-reading my last blog, I wrote Bog Coppitt Baptist Church, which could be okay because there are many bogs in Key West, but the proper name for the church is Big Coppitt Baptist Church.  Sorry!
Knowing we wanted to be in Jacksonville for the night, we didn't stop except to eat, wrong.  We were delayed, re-routed, and re-routed, for almost two hours because of a fire, north of the Mims, Titusville area, and we never knew the cause, but the fire created a lot of confusion for the police and assisting personnel. (As I'm typing Janie is talking to our sister, Shirley, about the fire, she had seen it on the news, so this fire was also a woods fire.) We were so pleased to be on our way again when traffic started slowing and smoke became thicker, another fire, a a woods fire.  We were able to drive through this but at a much slower speed.  Finally, we reached Jacksonville, called our nephew, Will Dickey, to set a time to meet, disregarded our thoughts of a light meal and ate at Red Lobster, crashed early, and got a good nights sleep.
We were actually off the interstate on the street going to Will's house, so it was easy to find.  So glad we were there early enough to see Janet before she left for work, it was Will's day off.  Had a great time visiting over several cups of coffee.  Matt, the oldest son, a junior in college, Brian, a junior in  high school( he was asleep, at home, because of testing for certain classes).  Lovely home, seemingly at ease with their lot in life, plans for the future.  We left feeling so good about our visit with Will and Janet.
Arrived in Charleston, or Kiawah Island, about 4:00, got our key,(this is really an up-scale community).
a pass for the vehicle, and finally got to our house.  A gated community, beautiful wooded landscape, a limb falls and someone picks it up, every kind of lodging situation, villas, condos, houses, apts, all being readied for the summer season.  Our condo is a great space: two bedrooms and baths, lovely sitting area, fireplace, utility room with washer- dryer, wonderful kitchen, spacious porch and a screened porch.  Wow!  All for the price we paid for our extended stay place in New Orleans.  We're learning.!  Thanks to Lou Ann ( my wonderful daughter-in-law, you'll know all my family quite well by the time this adventure is over) for telling us about VRBO(vacation rental by owner).  We've booked several of our next months in this way.
Wednesday was spent unpacking, getting organized, and planning our rest of the week activities.  I know you're asking, "Why are they lugging around all that stuff, mainly clothes,?"  Well, my best answer is:  when we checked in, in our summery, white Key West clothes, people were wearing long pants, sweaters, and jackets.  Now, this morning, the temperature was in the fifties, wind chill factor at 38, and wind, 15 miles per hour.  How nice to be able to unpack just what we needed.  So, we'll continue to pack and unpack everywhere we go.  We're a half-mile from the beach, we have access to all twelve miles of it, and all I have to do is drive to it, or I can walk, but it wouldn't look so good in my swim-sun-bathing attire( we have to keep up appearances, there are certain rules and regulations, and I wouldn't want to be asked to leave).
Wilene and Burl Quimby have a cousin in the Dillon, South Carolina area,  who has an artist-granddaughter that is having a showing of her work, in downtown Charleston, tonight from 5:30 until 8:00.  We've made the connection, and plan to go.  Hope we'll meet someone who knows someone mentioned in the book, we can't forget our mission.  Talked to Jane McNeil on the phone and can't wait to meet her.  Thanks Quimby for making this possible for us.
My morning walks started Wednesday-partly through a residential area, by tennis courts, stores, golf courses, and then a clearing of marsh land, and a view that points to the ocean; you can see forever.
I just want to keep walking to see what's beyond the next curve, but have to save energy to get back.  This area is just too beautiful-just like the pictures you see on postcards, magazines, and brochures.  But, they still can't capture the real beauty of it.  You just have to see it to believe it!
Okay, time to plan lunch, which will be a little late because of our plans to go into Charleston, and we won't have time to eat before we leave at 4:30.  Have I told you, I'm the cook, and Janie is the dish-washer, techie.  How nice that we have a dishwasher here, so she may have to assume other duties, just kidding.
Will talk to you soon, and thanks again for encouraging us to blog,  We love what we're doing.


  1. Hi ladies,
    Sorry it's been so long since I have posted a comment. It's been a little busy at our house for the last month or so. Paige is doing great, the boys absolutely love their baby sister. April and I are still truing to adjust to all of the changes in her little schedule! We are having some beautiful spring weather here and the boys and I are taking full advantage of that. It's good to hear that you guys are settling in well at your next stop on your big adventure. Maybe it want be as long as it has been for me to fill you guys in on our BIG adventure!!!
    Love you lots, praying for you,
    The Beech's

  2. So good to read you are settled into your next "life" there in S.C. I also heard about the fires in FL & wondered if you would get caught up in the confusion. Its all behind you now. Hope you meet some nice folks and get to eat more great food - those walks are a necessity, huh! Maybe you'll have bird visitors this time, rather than reptilian friends.
    jo anne

  3. HI Lou and Janie,
    When you went through Mims (it's not large enough to be plural...should be called Mim) and through the Titusville, that is where I disappear to help take care of Mom and Dad...both of whom are now 90 and 91. Michael and I were raised there...through the Race in Space era! Today is a baby shower for Jenna Davidson that will be at Amanda Schell's house. Tomorrow night, I'll be at Bible study...doing the book of Daniel by Beth Moore. This week we have a short week at school...Monday and Tuesday are Mardi Gras holidays (Chatom's parade has left scattered beads on the roadside close to your house...somehow I missed the entire event.)Of course, then we have a Teacher workday--half of which I will be at the Scott House for a special education meeting. Last week I attended a conference on Dylsexia...wonderful affirmation of what I was doing correctly and a Godly divine appointment with a casino worker in the Beau Rivage where the colloquium was held! Must zip for always....LOOOOVE reading your blogs! May the Lord arrange His divine appointments for you in the days ahead. Misses...blessings....Eileen Olewski