Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revisiting America

Gorgeous Day!
Had to share my encounter with another walker, actually he was running.  We had already passed each other once.  He stopped me and asked where the main road was, (imagine anyone asking me directions; the way to our cottage is sorta like a maze and I'm just now getting it all sorted out; whatever direction I'm walking I consider "north", and yesterday was my first time to go somewhere without "Onstar".)  Anyway, he said, "I get to running, zone out, start praying, and forget where I'm going".  I said," Do you pray?  He said, "Oh, yes," I pray".  We both gave a "thumbs up" and went our separate ways.
What a way to start a day, actually it's going to be a busy one!

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  1. Hi Lou, Sounds like you had a divine appointment with that young man! Wonder where he goes to church? :) I just returned from my walk around the pond across the street; can't seem to rid myself from shin splints in one leg. Someone told us that a bear had been spotted over there; realized that with my shin splint and old muscles that I'd probably end up as Bear Kibbles and Bits if I encountered him! Blessings on you and Janie! Love, Eileen