Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revisiting America

As Lou told you, Sunday morning we went to the French Protestant Huguenot Church in Charleston.  Not as much ritual as the Episcopal Church we attended in Key West, but much more than our usual Baptist or Methodist services.   We went into the sanctuary by the left aisle.  The pews were in enclosed boxes, with a solid wood divider between sections.  The outside of the pew (the aisle side) had a little latch inside the door for entry.  Seating for three is comfortable, but four people were a little crowded (unless all four were very small).  There were four rows of boxes - two on each side of the center aisle.  The prie-dieux were available but not used.  There was a hymnal, liturgy, and Bible in each of the holders on the pews.  The sermon was good, but short.  With so much else to be done; hymns, liturgical readings, responses, announcements, there isn't much time for a sermon.  After the service and a brief lecture on the history of the church, we went to the collation in a beautiful period house about half a block away.  There was a dining room table with trays of sandwiches, various dips with chips, and desserts on a sideboard.  Across the hall was another large room with coffee, soft drinks, and wine.  Very enjoyable experience.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend a service in a Huguenot church.
Tuesday morning, Lou took her car to a dealership to have it checked - the steering, dashboard messages, etc.  She also ran a few errands whilt she was out.  I stayed here and did some of our paperwork and read.  I do love to read.  Thanks again, Ann, for my Kindle.  There is a small library here in the cottage so I have read a few books because they were available.
Tuesday night, we went back into Charleston for the first runway show of Charleston Fashion Week.  Neither of us had ever seen a runway show, and it was a lot of fun.  We had to wait outside the main tent until a little after 7:00, then were admitted.  We had general admission tickets, but were able to move up to the third row before the show started.  Also, we were near the end of the runway so we had a good view of the models as they made their turns and posed for the photographers, of whom there were many.
We saw clothes from two boutiques, and one designer of childrens' clothes who has a boutique.  The models ranged in age from about 3 to 9 or 10.  Really adorable kids and clothes.  The show stealer was a little boy of about 3, mop of dark hair, who walked very slowly and turned before the end of the runway.  When they came out for their group walk, there was a long gap in the line because the little boy wwas walking so slowly.  When the first group passed him on their way back, he immediately turned and followed them instead of completing the walk to the end.  Everybody cheered and laughed.  That was the first part of the show, then there was a 45-minute intermission.  That was a long 45 minutes.  After that, we saw four of the emerging designers in the competition.  A couple of them we really liked, but two of them were a little avant garde for me.  Each designer presented eight looks, complete with jewelry, hair, makeup, accessories, shoes, etc.  Especially shoes.  To me, some of the shoes had absolutely nothing to do with the dresses.  For example, one designer's fabric was a pattern with red, black, blue, white, and beige.  The shoes were a pale green.  Also, some of the clunky shoes were worn with delicate, feminine dresses.  Oh, well!  Guess my idea of fashion is a little out of date (or a lot).  Then there was a featured designer, not in the competition, who showed 20 of his designs.  The inspiration was stated as coming from cathedrals and graveyards.  I can't really describe this, so I leave it to your imagination.  We were after 11:00 getting home, but it was worth it.  Fascinating evening.  If you have a chance to go to a runway show, I highly recommend it.
We are due in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, on April 1.  So we have a lot to do before leaving Charleston.  Some things that were in the book, and some more of our own devising.  We're looking forward to all of it, but will regret having to leave Charleston, as we did Key West and New Orleans.
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