Saturday, March 12, 2011

Revisiting America

Where were we?
It's been so long since I blogged I'm not sure where to begin, other than to say I've renamed this area, "slow country", rather than "low country", because we're even slower paced here than in Key West.
So, I've bogged down rather than "blogged" down.  Enough of that!
I do have a schedule of up-coming events. 
A carriage ride around Charleston as well as a harbor tour, a visit to the Charleston Museum, America's first museum,  Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, the Hunley submarine, Yorktown battleship, a concert, " The Sound of Charleston",featuring jazz, gospel, spirituals, Gershwin, Civil war songs, another production called, "Moments of Joy", that looks more like a gospel music concert(which will be great), an evening at Charleston Fashion Week which will feature award-winning designers, as well as a "runway" showing from local boutiques.  And I'm sure the last week here will be a catch-up time to not leave out something important.
We are really taking to heart the fact that Kuralt didn't do an awful lot while in Charleston, so we are following suit.
The weather very pleasant, cool and sunny, a little rain, not like the downpours at home, and warming to high 70's this week which will make it nice for our excursions.
So, until I report on all these activities, enjoy every day, whatever comes your way! 


  1. Early, early bird this morning!! Thanks for the update. Your activities sound like so much fun as well as educational. ENJOY for all of us who are in our everyday worlds ... not that that's a bad thing, but you're getting to experience something most unique on so many levels.
    love you!! jo anne

  2. OMG Grandmother! It doesn't really surprise me that you were up this early in the morning (your legs must have been the culprit), but it does surprise me that you chose this as the ideal time to blog. It sounds really nice where you are on the island. Can't wait to hear about the future excursions! We are all great here, miss you so much. Tell Janie Hi and we love yall

  3. I am so very jealous that you're spending a month in Charleston! That sounds much more exciting (and relaxing) than my daily discussions of the budgets and government shutdowns :) Joel and I are loving the blogs! Keep an ear out for a call from me soon... I'm going to try to plan a trip to NYC while y'all are there! Love y'all!

  4. Hi Lou, Glad that you blogged down...schedule sounds hectic but oh so wonderful! I'm working on IEP's still....long way to go and only eight more weeks or so of school! Can't imagine a school year flying by me so very fast! Have a blessed time there! Love and blessings! Eileen