Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revisiting America

We're supposed to be packing less and less, but it seems our"things" continue to grow.  Spent all day Friday, Jan. 28, packing and sorting to be able to get everything in the car, without renting a "U-Haul".  Remember, Janie and I met up in NO and this is the first time we've combined our "stuff" in one space.  It did work, and we left Kenner around 10:00 a.m. for our stop in Creola to meet family.  One month of this adventure has passed, the time really flies, but we're excited about our next stop!
How special  that Robby, Lou Ann, Meagan, Kay, Ellene, Sydney, Nicky, John Nathan, Marissa and Sway, would spend some of their Saturday time to meet us.  It was fun and everyone seemed to be doing great!
There's  not a lot to tell about our drive to Key West;  we did spend two nights on the road, and looked forward to a change of scenery, and it did change the closer we came to the Keys.  Only one road, two lane traffic, but beautiful water, skies, openness, and an excitement about what our accomodations would be.  We checked in with Mel and Frank and began the job of unpacking.( I do promise not to bore you everytime we pack and unpack).  Mel and Frank, so nice, so eager to please, but,we began to feel like our "space" would not accomodate our visitors, because some family and friends have promised they will visit.  So!
We made our first trip into Key West.  It really looked like I thought.  Some parts so very old, mixed in with the very new, but all very clean, and how could it look too bad with the beautiful sand, sea, and sunshine.  Ate lunch at the Southernmost Beach and Cafe and enjoyed topping it off with Key Lime Pie. (Belinda, yours is better). We actually just scouted out some things we plan to schedule to see and do.  Checked out several Realities, hoping they could offer something we could afford, and be a reasonable distance from Key West, but they had nothing available.  Almost in to Sugarloaf Key Janie said, "Lou, there's a realtor, STOP!  We did, went in and Mia was just listing a two bedroom, one bath, large living, kitchen, dining space, balcony on three sides, screened, about eight feet wide, then, all the outside walls of the house are sliding glass doors  so there's a continuous breeze, no bugs, large wall-mounted TV, WIFI hook-up, washer, dryer, storage room and parking underneath, a real canal, and we're all packed up, moved-in, and settled again.  So, for at least the next 22 days we are set, ready to begin our search for people, places, and of course, wonderful food.
We are at the end of the road  of the United States.


  1. Great to hear from you again. Enjoy!

  2. OK! So we had icicles here! The only blessing that I can figure out of this miserable weather is no love bugs...surely the little critters have frozen in the soil! Blessings on your trip! :)

  3. .Such good news for your stay in the Keys! Know you'll find Hemingway and Buffet and other Key-ish things to occupy your time. Very glad you have the WiFi to continue to blog. I was having withdrawls as I checked the site. Did you know Russ was born in Key West? Kathleen was 3, David was 1, and along came Baby Russ -- they lived in half a Quonset (spelling?) hut on the base. Hope all is smooth, but interesting and fun!!

  4. Grandmother and Aunt Janie, it was so wonderful to see you last saturday! You both looked great. Im glad you are finally settled in and are able to start exploring! love you both and cant wait to hear more!