Friday, February 11, 2011

Revisiting America

Found "iggy" yesterday after a two-day absence, and have decided that regardless of what kind of  creature we are, we are habitual creatures, eating three meals a day, sunning, lazying around.
That's where I always find "iggy", in the sun.  He is hard to spot though because the "dewlap" (remember) is the same color as the leaves on the ground.  Anyway, he is still with us.  Our neighbors  call him "Rusty".
It doesn't take long to become part of a neighborhood.  We now know every one on the street-Wayne and Chuck, Jane and Debbie, Brad, Brooke, Cade and Grayden.  All such nice people.
With boats and dogs, everyone becomes acquainted quickly.  We have been invited on a boating outing with Chuck and Wayne next week, to check their crab traps.  Imagine me doing that, when at home I won't even stick my toe in the Gulf.  This is different.
My walk this morning was uneventful, but am seeing some familiar faces-the same "dog-walkers"(love the posted signs that say, "You must clean up after your dog") children catching the school bus( this is Monroe County, which sounds so "Alabama", when the streets have such beautiful names, like, Starfish ( our street), LaBrisa, Allamanda), but like "iggy" and I, a routine.  Have to keep up my walking because the food is so good.
We like Key West.  Went into town and thank goodness my driving is a little easier, in other words, the streets are more familiar, and I haven't gone the wrong way on a street in this city.  Enjoyed our guided tour on the "Conch Tour Train", which lasted 90 minutes and covered the historic part of the city, the beautiful wharf area with sailing and cruise ships docked, Fifth-Avenue shops, so many restaurants
where we've already had delicious meals, and so many people who look even more "tourister" ( is that a word?) than we do.  All the service people are so nice and helpful.  Plan to go in today and stay for the "sunset" which is a must, everyone says.( Did you notice I've found the "underline key)?
There is so much about the city that we'll tell later in a re-cap before we leave.
We do hope we have visitors.  Several are working on a trip so hope it pans out.
 Bye for now.


  1. I'm impressed with your computer skills. Fun keeping up with you and Janie. Guess you will be cooking crab!!!

  2. You are a Great Grandmother again!!! We will be sending plenty of pictures!!!