Sunday, February 20, 2011

Revisiting America

We begin our last week in Key West and again I can say, "Where has the time gone?"  It has been good, so much to see and do, the weather the best ever, and some of the most interesting people and places. Wednesday morning we visited the new office of the "Fish Monster" magazine and met the editor, Dianne Scott, wife of the charter boat captain, Marlin Scott, radio show host, comic, charmer of two old ladies from the South.  Dianne invited us to be interviewed on the radio show at 6:00 that evening so we left wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. 
Had just enough time to be at St. Paul's Episcopal church at noon for an organ and piano concert, given by the organist-choir director of the church.  What a wonderful gift to the people of the city, to be able to view the beautiful church and hear such pretty music.  Organ selections were by a London composer, James Cook, and the score from the musical "Oliver" was played on the piano.  Open to the public, free,
unless you chose to leave a love gift, and that day it was well attended.  Last minute shopping in preparation for our week-end guests, and then home for a short time to get ready to go back into Key West for our interview.
The interview was a lot of fun.  Captain Scott made us feel very special , at ease, and an important part of his show.  There were many phone-in guests, his son Seth the producer of the show commenting, and Marlin questioning us about our home places, reasons for the trip, and his good wishes for success with our book.  We left feeling quite the celebrity-we haven't heard the tape yet so our opinion of the evening could change drastically.
Thursday was a busy day doing household chores, cooking, and waiting for our friends from home.  A phone call told us they would not arrive until Friday-it is such a long way, and you actually just give out trying to make the distance in a day.
What fun to see Bettye Jean, Mary Ann, Sundi and Will West and know what a great time we'll have together.
After lunch we went into Key West, walked around in famous Mallory Square, visited the Ernest Hemmingway house-learned so much about him, his writing, family, and the house site and furnishings,  the 34 cats that are fed and cared for, that roam the premises, and are visited by a vet once a week.  All of this explained by a great guide.
Went back to Mallory Square to wait for the sunset-crowds of people there being entertained by jugglers, tight-rope walkers, fire-eaters, bag-pipers, cyclists, vendors selling food, paintings, jewelry,etc:  It was fun and a very entertaining wait because the sunset is so spectacularand not to be missed.  Never realized the sun was so big!
Of course, our wonderful meal came next.  My entree was "Snapper Wellington" with crab meat, baked in a crust, so unusual, delicious.  This restaurant, the Conch Seafood Republic, was one of the many that had been recommended to us.  All of our food was great and ended this meal by sharing one piece of Key lime pie(we were too full for individual pieces) and six forks.
Saturday was spent on the Conch train tour, lunch at "Blue Heaven" mentioned in "the book", where chickens and roosters are wandering around on the brick floor,(it's outside)roosting in the trees, live music, meringue on the Key lime pie four inches high(there will be a picture to prove it), roamed the streets looking in many of the hundreds of shops, the Butterfly Conservatory(which housed the most unusual collection of butterflies)and then ended our day at the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, a treasure to see and read about.  My, how you have admire someone like him.  We do plan to visit his sons this week at the museum, where it's said, they come to work every day.
Ended the day with another meal together, then home, very tired, but pleased with all we had seen and done.  Dread to see our home folks leave,  but they said they must.
As I say every blog, " How wonderfully blessed I am to have this time to spend doing exactly what I choose to do, missing everyone, but realizing what an unusual opportunity I'm involved in.


  1. Sounds like its going to be hard to leave the Keys! I am so happy that yall are having a good time and getting to meet all these interesting people. Miss you!!!

  2. Very busy week here in CA, so I'm late in commenting, but feel like I'm there with you because of your descriptions.
    You are indeed on a most unusual journey!! It takes a while for the body to "un-lax" and for the mind to begin to wander & reach. It isn't laziness, it isn't idleness, but it is a different style of thinking and reacting. It gives you more ways to see God's handiwork and be thankful for your many blessings, more time to pray, more time to listen to the Lord.
    Love you! jo anne