Monday, February 7, 2011

Revisiting America

Since you are so interested in my iguana friend who will be called "iggy" from now on, Janie, who is the "techie" is now able to post pictures with our blog.
As I started down the back steps to sun, noticed "iggy" sunning on a big rock on the edge of the canal.  So, I debated how close I might get in order to take a picture-not very close I'll assure you, but "iggy" began to puff her sack and bob her head and since I haven't figured out what her bobs mean, whether they are social or hostile bobs, I didn't get very close.  The picture is pretty good though, and will give you an idea about why I'm keeping my distance.  Maybe the bobs will become clearer the longer we encounter one another.  Anyway, I sunned and "iggy" went on her way.  Never thought of an iguana as a pet before, but at least I know there's not room for her in the car.


  1. Really enjoying the post and will be happy for you.

  2. Ok a year-long trip, that's not odd to me at all, but an iguana, is the oddest (in a funny way) thing I could ever imagine you even giving thought to, much less naming, researching and everything in your new-found spare time! You must be very, very, extremely relaxed! I am laughing out loud right now!! I love you bunches!

  3. Long live Iggy! Despite what the research says, he/she probably could be bribed with chocolate or frosting rather than fruit or veggies. :) Keep some handy, but with the temperatures there it needs to be M&M's...the melt in your mouth not in your hand kind! :) We've been studying Daniel (Beth Moore study) Awesome! Love and blessings to you both.

  4. I'm so glad to see some pictures on here! Joel and I love reading, and we're so glad everything is going well. And I agree with Bean... You must be very, very relaxed!

  5. Now you know why I lived there so long. Keep having fun!

  6. I love the Iggy blog. The pictures are great. I know you two are having the time of your life. Miss you and love you, but please do not adopt Iggy for the reaminder of your adventure.

  7. Hi Lou & Janie, hope your day is warmer than ours. It is so cold here and we are all about
    to croak. I have been trying to blog to you for
    3 days and can't get it to post so Patty Bell has
    stopped by to help me. We are enjoying your blogs so much. Keep them coming. By the way the
    "critter that you guys have adopted needs to be
    encouraged to go away before he eats you up. Find a boat paddle and shew him off that deck.
    Patty said to take some fruit outside and he will
    go to that. They like all kinds of fruit & green
    vegetables..another mouth to feed. We miss you
    and want to hear from you soon. Oh by the way I
    have joined the card players group, have had 2
    training sessions and had so much fun, just like
    you said I would. We play next Tuesday.
    will go for now...
    love, Maudeen