Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revisiting America

Lazy beginning of the week.  I know you must hate the word "lazy" by now because when we use it, it means that we haven't been anywhere or done anything.  We're just rambling on.  But we excuse it to ourselves by saying that we are, after all, on vacation.
Wednesday morning, we went to the new home of FM 98.7's Fishmonster Radio.  Fishmonster Magazine + 98.7 FM Conch Country = Fishmonster Radio.  One of our neighbors works there and we went by to see her and perhaps meet Captain Marlin Scott who is a charter boat captain, the editor of Fishmonster Magazine, and the host of Fishmonster Radio.  Capt. Scott was out on a charter but we got to meet Dianne Scott,  his wife, and see our neighbor, Brooke.  Also, Capt. Mike Bartlett was in the office helping to set up their computer system.  Neat people, all.  The magazine has had only two publications, January and February 2011, but it has been very well received.  No wonder because is has something for everybody.  Fishing regulations; a recipe page; a coloring contest for the kids; articles on different aspects of fishing, diving, snorkeling, and safety equipment for the aforementioned; and lots of pictures in color of fishermen (and women and children) and their catch.  Dianne ran a Fishhead of the Month picture and when I asked her, "Why fishhead?" her reply was, "Why not?"  She arranged for us to come by the station between 6:00 and 8:00 last night to be interviewed by Capt. Scott.  We went and were very impressed by Capt. Scott and his oldest son, Capt. Seth Scott.  Seth is 19, already has his captain's license, and is the producer of the radio show.  We didn't meet Seth because he was at another location, but we talked to him.  Quite a family.  Anyway, we loved meeting and talking to Capt. Scott, on and off the air.  Thanks to all of the Scott family for such an unusual and interesting experience.
Wednesday at noon, we went to St. Paul's Episcopal Church again for an organ concert.  We heard the work of a baroque composer, a Londoner by the name of James Cook, who played the organ at Vauxhall Gardens for about 50 years and wrote approximately 15,000 compositions.  Then we heard the score of "Oliver" on the piano.  The huge windows of the sanctuary pivot open and it was very pleasantly cool.  A really nice interlude.
Today, we are doing general housekeeping because we have company coming for the weekend.  Rather, I'm cleaning and Lou is cooking and cleaning.  Her energy level never ceases to amaze me.  Lou is a Type A personality and I'm something like a D-.  Still, we manage to get everything done and get along with each other (on the whole) in the process.
We'll blog after the weekend.
Love to one and all.  Take care,


  1. Know you're so glad you both went through with this long-thought-of plan!! Radio stars, iguana wranglers, hosts to Chatomites ... who knows what the next day will hold?
    I liken you & Lou to me & Eileen - (I'll agree with James!) C minus paired with Super A. However, one buffers the other, hopefully without ruffling too many feathers. Do keep remembering it is a vacation (albeit a very long one).
    love, jo anne