Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Revisiting America

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens ( I'll refer to it as CMBG) is one of Maine's top attractions) and I'll take a description from the brochure to describe it.  It is one of the most talked-about botanical destinations in the country, with exquisite gardens, compelling natural landscapes, gracious Visitor Center and quintessential Maine waterfront location making it unique, charming and totally captivating.This project has grown from an ambitious idea of a group of mid-coast Maine residents( some of the directors using their homes as collateral) with 128 acres of pristine land and 3,600 feet of tidal shore frontage, to the 248 acres that now comprise the
gardens, making it the largest botanical garden in New England, also one of the very few waterfrtont botanical gardens in the United States.  We walked the entire gardens and especially enjoyed the Learner Garden of the Five Senses, and The Children's Garden themed from children's literature by authors with a Maine connection.  Aren't we all children at heart?
We then rode around in the direction of Sputhport, only several miles from the Harbor area.  It was cool enough for a jacket by this time because  the fog coming in on the water made it look like a cold winter day.  Coffee,  and one last look around town and we were home to get the girls ready to leave.
Early to rise for them to get to the airport in Portland, and they arrived in Mobile around 4:00 in the
afternoon.  It was fun.  They are such wonderful girls, so glad they're mine.
Have I mentioned my interview with Lisa Kristoff, Associate Editor and Staff Reporter of the Boothbay Register?   A delightful lady and a good time with the interview and visit.  Needless to say on  the date of the publishing, July 28, I bought quite a few papers.  I had told Lisa they may need to publish a few extra that week.  Thanks Lisa for such a great article.  I had to pinch myself to realize you were talking about me.
One unpleasant thing that lasts no longer than a mosquito bite.  They are big, and blond, and on my skin they weren't noticed until you got the bite.  Really shouldn't even mention something that trivial against all that was so wonderful about the people and the area.
As always, there's that sadnes about leaving a place, and this is the seventh time I've said this.  Staying a month in each place really gives you the time to get to feel at home and be a part of the goings on.
Couldn't believe Maine could be so wonderful, but it was and to all those I haven't mentioned, or given short reference to, like my neighbors, Robert Mitchell, Mary Lou Teal and others, remember, there will be a book.
Janie( I'll mention her condition later) kept saying I had more stuff than she did, and it proved right when I packed my car this time.  Of course, I include the kitchen stuff in my things, so that's the reason.  Plan to send summer things home after this month.
I will blog soon when settled in Ely, Minnesota.

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  1. Dear Lou,
    Second attempt to share that God winked and gave me a copy of Kuralt's America today. :) I'd been trying to find it in the public library here and there was none catalogued...In fact, I'd checked out one that had 60 second vignettes of America...but certainly not what you are doing on your travels. As I was strolling out of the library, there were two tables of hardback books...Lo and behold...there was Kuralt's America. I brought it to the librarian and found that it was for sale for a minimal price..snapped it up; it was mine at last. I've had a thought for you. Kuralt gave the bones to America...You are going to supply the meat and dessert with your book. Roll on and write on! Love, Eileen