Saturday, August 20, 2011

Revisiting America

I walked out the door this morning for my usual walk, in shorts and short sleeve shirt, to 48 degree temperature.  Did I go back in for a jacket? Well, NO.  How wonderful to be able to walk and still be cool.  That has been the usual temperature most of the week, cool in the morning, warm at noon, then cooling off again in late afternoon, most always with a gentle breeze.  I can feel fall in the air here.
Have you heard me say this before?  "I've met the nicest people, they're kind, warm, go out of their way to make you feel welcome, and include you in goings on".  It happens over and over again, every where I go.
Such was the case yesterday afternoon when Muffin Nelson called and invited me out to their cabin, or cottage, for a boat ride and supper.  In Maine it was cottage but I'm not sure whether it's cabin or cottage here.  Anyway, it's their home now, having moved from town in the house I'm renting, to the lake.
Remember I had introduced you to Muffin and Ward, my landlords, earlier.
Muffin gave me excellent directions, which I tended to mess up regardless.  Fletcher always said, "whatever direction Lou is walking she considers, North."  That says it all.  First of all, I went out of town past the Bear Center instead of the Wolf Center.  There were detours, but I saw no detours.  What was supposed to be nine miles was getting longer by the minute.  So a phone call to Muffin put me back on track, and especially after she explained that either way you could get to their house, I just took the long way.  But most of the way was by a lake so the drive was beautiful.  You know what a "stickler" I am for time, I got there on time even with all the little scenic tours (that's what I call my mistakes). 
Plans had changed and we were going to Ward's mother's (sorta the family vacation home for many years) home because  relatives were visiting and it was an opportunity to see them.  I had met Ward's mother earlier, Eleanor Nelson, at the Relay for Life Walk, and she is a delightful lady.
 We motored, or boated, (what do you say?) anyway we were in a motorboat and the ride was awesome, and if I haven't mentioned it  before, I'm not exactly a fan of the water.  We docked (that is a correct term) at the Burntside Lodge for a look.  So many people had said it was a must see and I agree.
The Lodge dates back to 1913, picture perfect, made from huge lodge-pole pine, rustic, yet classic, huge dining area, but cabins all around for lodging.  I could stay there.  This prestigious resort has been written up in Fodor's, 1000 places you must see before you die, Gourmet Magazine, Wine Spectator Magazine, Country's Best Log Homes and others.  It's advertised as "lakeside dining, outstanding cuisine, fine wines, exquisite desserts".  I met the owners, and I didn't write down their names, I'm sorry, but they were most gracious, and mentioned Kuralt being there.
I didn't miss the outstanding cuisine at the lodge because I sampled the same at Eleanor's house.  Wonderful steaks, potatoes, salad, bread, and fruit tart for dessert.  Burstside Lodge couldn't have been any better.
Met Ward's aunt, sister in-law,  her son and his girlfriend, cousins, all so nice and interesting, easy to be with, and they seemed interested in my adventure also.  Thanks Muffin and Ward for such a nice outing.
Because it was rather late and quite dark we were driven back to point A rather than taking the boat.
And, I got home without any scenic turns, even the shorter route, and called Mufin and Ward to let them know I was safe.
And now, I have the rest of the day to do a few chores, visit several people,  and be ready for a special meeting with Mike Hillman.  He is mentioned so much in the chapter on Ely, Minnesota.  I've been looking forward to this because everyone has said, " you must talk with Mike Hillman".  I'm so excited.
Have a good day everyone! 

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