Saturday, August 13, 2011

Revisiting America

Thank you, Terry Jackson, for such a nice, lengthy article in "The Ely Echo", weekly Ely newspaper.  You really captured the heart of the trip.  As before when articles have been printed, I'll send copies home to family.
This has been such a busy week, enjoying events day and night.  I find this town is so much like my hometown of Chatom, Alabama, there's no lack of things to do.
Monday was "get everything together day", clothes washed and ironed, the house neatened, taking stock of the frig and see what's needed, journaling, (you know I haven't blogged), making a list of people and places, looking at expenses, all the necessary things that will make a week easier.
Then went to Angela Campbell's for "supper" and an Arbonne Skin Care party.  Of course, the meal was delicious, and the party was fun.  Met a new group of ladies, and reminded myself of the products I had bought at a party several years before, never used, but will now that I'm reminded of the advantages of its use.  Karen Brodeen did an excellent presentation and it was a pleasure meeting the ladies.  The strawberry shortcake refreshment was yummy too.
Tuesday at noon I attended the Tuesday meeting at the Grand Ely Lodge, ate lunch, and was impressed with the presentation of Mark S. Rubin, St. Louis County attorney.  He gave an overview of the four phases of his work, then graciously answered many questions from the group.  I thought it was a good crowd and I'm happy that I now recognize and can call the names of people I've already met.
Left this meeting and went across the "road" to the Ely Arts and Heritage Center at the Pioneer Mine Complex.  Programs are given throughout the summer and fall.  There is a  walk-through type explanation of the mine and its importance.  This mine, Pioneer Mine, operated underground from 1888-1967, and produced 42 million tons of Bessemer grade iron ore, over the space of two world wars and the industrialization of America.  I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the gentleman sharing information about the mine, but will, and will certainly give him credit for sharing his knowledge of the mine and surrounding area mines.  This also gave me an opportunity to meet Trudy, a lady from the Chamber of Commerce who helped me with names and numbers of realtors before I came to Ely.  She was hosting the afternoon visitation at the mine.
Tuesday night found me at a "lia sophia" jewelry party with Angela and a totally different group of ladies.  Again, a good presentation by a talented young, lady, Jen Moats, and the party was hosted by Kate Anderson.  We played games, had refreshments, and I won't tell you whether or not I bought jewelry.  Anyway, a fun time was had by all.
Wednesday a.m. met Gerald Tyler at The Front Porch for coffee, having talked to him on Tuesday about meeting Bill Campbell and talking to him about Kuralt.  Not only did I have coffee with Gerald Tyler, but a table full of men who meet there daily for coffee and discussions.  Again, I don't have all the names but will get them.  They talked about Ely, Kuralt, fishing, retirement, etc:  So good to meet all of them and for a little while be a part of their morning coffee group.
Do you wonder why I stayed home Wed. night?  I already knew about something for Thursday and Friday nights,  plus daytime events, so it was time to regroup.

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