Saturday, August 13, 2011

Revisiting America

Received a call from my neice, Jo Anne Sims, in Cypress, Ca. that she will be visiting me in Twin Bridges, Montana, my next stop.  (Thank goodness, it's only 1,171 miles from here).  I knew she was coming to visit at some point in time, so this is definite.  I will pick her up in Bozeman on the way to Twin Bridges, she'll be visiting friends there, and we'll have a nice four-day visit.  Jo Anne has taught school in Cypress for many years, husband Russell is with Izusu and son Brian and wife Nosha are nearby with jobs I won't name because I think they've changed.  Good family and interesting people that I'll share more about in the book.  Jo Anne and I will have a good visit.
I already know I'm in trouble as far as getting everything done in Ely.  Picked up a list at the newspaper office of 100+ Things To Do In Ely, in the area.  Wow!  Thank goodness some of them can only be done in the winter.
I did start by visiting in and out of shops in town to see some of the many unique and handcrafted items.
And on Tuesday and Thursday nights I can sit on my back-porch steps and listen to live music in town.
Good music.  I will wander up there to see these groups in person.  And I've already sampled a good many of the restaurants.  I have nothing negative to say about Ely.  Everything so positive and good.
Thursday night was the Ely Rotary Club Annual Auction.  Ward Nelson came by and gave me a ticket for the meal.  What a crowd and I would say this is one of the most important events of the year.  This particular club is celebrating 90 years of service and friendship in the Northwoods.  In 2009 this club finalized incorporation with Rotary International, with a new set of by-laws, and certification as a charitable organization with the IRS.  "Informing the citizenship, safety and community pride in parks and public places, scholarships for students, penny jars to fight hunger and the Auction are some of the many projects the Rotary promote. Everyone really entered into the bidding, many laughs, a very good meal, and to me, moved quickly and finished at the designated time.  I had already gone on-line to view the many items for bidding and the Silent Auction, so surprised at the number of items donated for the Auction.
I've been fascinated with the story of The Root Beer Lady, Dorothy Molter, and wanted to know more about her.  So, I visited the museum and really  enjoyed the displays, the guided tour and video and came away with several books about her life.  Admire someone like her that will actually did what she wanted to do with her life. 
Then a trip to the North American Bear Center to visit with the bears and watch them eat grapes, play with toys, and do what bears do.  The 50+ video exhibits were great as was the guides lecture, but actually seeing the bears in their natural habitat was special.  They seemed oblivious to people, even those that fed them.
And last but not least of my many activities this week was the American Cancer Society Annual Relay for Life Walk in Whiteside park.  The rain dampened the luminaries but didn't dampen the spirit of those manning tents with information, those walking, those serving food, a wonderful atmosphere for the most worthy cause.  It will be interesting to know the amount of money raised at both events, The Rotary Auction and the Relay for Life Event.  I did walk several laps and bought a luminary for the many cancer survivors and victims in my hometown, though I didn't name any one specifically.  We should always be willing to support organizations that provide care, information, and opportunities for so many, many people.

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