Sunday, August 7, 2011

Revisiting America

Good day today.  I've been church-hopping.  Grace Lutheran Church is one block from my house with Sunday a.m. services at 9:30 , and diagonally across my house is the First Presbyterian Church with Sunday a.m. services at 11:00 a.m.  I made both of them and was so inspired by the messages, the nice people and participated in the Lord's Supper ( Communion) at both services.  I did get the wrong cup at the Lutheran church and drank wine instead of grape juice.  I guess I'll listen more carefully to the instructions the next time, but you know how small the communion cups are so I didn't wobble or sway going from one church to the other.  Many activities to participate in at both churches according to their bulletins.  And especially here where so many people visit just in the summer they depend on the summer crowd to help carry them through the winter.
It's so noticeable the lack of young people and young couples with small children.
 Excellent music at both services.
 I'm so glad errors are made in other printings since I make so many in my writings,  but was amused by the stewardship thought in one of the bulletins that read-share you fits with others as Christ shares with us.
That did mean "share your gifts with others as Christ shares with us, but I suppose we do share our fits too, don't we?
Hope you've had a wonderful day too, and I think I'll forego any services tonight.  Just know that there are preachers everywhere preaching God's word and people are listening and responding,  isn't that great.

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  1. From Barbara West via The Thompson.

    You'll understand I haven't been able to contact you due to computer problems, but I've been thinking of you daily. Roxie & I miss you dearly. Stay positive. Love to you both! Sorry Janie went home. Wish I could hook up with you. Love, Barbara