Monday, October 17, 2011

Revisiting America

Ketchikan was cited a few years ago as one of America's Top 100 Small Arts Communities. 2011 was designated as the Year of the Artist, this bringing to the community focus a wide range of events, highlighted by carvings to video, bluegrass to weaving, culinary art to watercolor. Native artists, some internationally known, work in traditional forms from carving to weaving, and most local galleries are owned and operated by resident artists. Maybe it's good that some are closed for the season because you would never be able to visit all of them. I've already mentioned some that were recommended, but not by any means a good represenative list of all that is here to see.
I met Dave Rubin at The Point last Friday, after lunch and his music session, and we visited "The Rock", a staturary monument featuring representations of Ketchikan's pioneers. I had mentioned this monument before but he told me all about his idea for the monument, how it all came about as far as city approval, financing, location, etc:. It is a most detailed staturary, 7 figures representative of the many diverse occupations of the settlers.
I am so impressed with this person, Dave, who arrived in Ketchikan in 1983, at the urging of a friend, part of a folk-rock band, "Tattoo". Dave is a New York City-bred painter, songwriter, singer, guitarist, saxophonist, and has been described as being able to turn up anywhere with a brush, or a horn, or a six-string. He started painting as a child, attended several New York schools of art, and is still painting landscapes, portraits, and of course, is well known because of "The Rock". After pictures on the dock with the monument we went to The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, which was closed, but Dave knew the director and we were able to go in and see a series of portraits of Native elders and young leaders, so beautiful I might add. While there we did tour the Center, with Dave's explanations, and I didn't have to read every plaque. He also has an exhibit representative of his work hanging in the Center. It's amazing the doors that have been opened for me because they have a key, or someone knows someone. I'm so fortunate.
Church yesterday at First Baptist Church of Ketchikan was great. A real Southern Baptist, active, mission-minded, prayer-led church. Their purpose, "To lead people to God through a faith relationship with Jesus Christ and to equip the whole church to become Great Commission Christians." His message did focus on equipping and preparing ourselves, as well as the church, for service.
Raining, which is quite incidential now, so rather than come home and wonder what to eat, went to "Annabelle's" for their wonderful clam chowder and crab cakes, plus a salad, no dessert this time. Then came home to an evening of reading and dozing, and sorta looking at the things I need to do in the 10 days I have left here. It's exactly what the saying means, Time Flies".

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