Saturday, October 15, 2011

Revisiting America

One more totem sight to mention. The Saxman Native Village Totem Pole Park is located 2 1/2 miles south of Ketchican, has similar artifacts as those at the other locations, but during the tourist season you can see carvers at work. Nathan Jackson is considered the foremost Tlinglit artist, in wood carving and jewelry making, and I understand works mostly by commission.
We met Woody Anderson walking around the park and he graciously consented to talk to us about Saxman and the area in general. He does some carving and it's displayed at "Crazy Wolf Studio". I did visit this studio and met the owner-artist, Ken Decker, a native of Ketchikan, wife-owner, Monica. Ken paints, makes drums, teaches art at one of the local schools, and was so easy to talk to and question about the area and his work.
Marge, Shirley, nor I opted to take the tram, 130 feet up the hill, to the Cape Fox Lodge, situated above downtown Ketchikan. One feature of the Lodge is a collection of Native art unlike any other found in the world, very interesting and displayed so beautifully. The Heen Kahidi Restaurant was waiting for us for lunch and Shirley finally ordered King Crab (such a helping, well over a pound of meat, that I got to bring it home and finish later). The food was good, but the setting was spectacular, we did linger a long time after lunch. Such a beautiful building, built in the trees, looking down on Ketchikan, Creek street, and you're even able to see the main street. A good view too of so many of the houses that have only steps leading to them, not streets. That is one of the most unique things about this place.
I definitely need to visit an "Overeating Anomyous Meeting" and I think Shirley and Marge would agree, because after our meal at Cape Fox Lodge we all were miserable. So, stayed in for Shirley and Marge to pack, play a few more cards, get up early Tuesday morning and I did take them to the airport, via the ferry, it was raining(so what), and this would make it easier for them, besides I hated to see them go and wanted to visit as much as possible. (long, run-on sentence, okay?) Nice airport, very accomodating and easy to get around in. Marge, needing a wheelchair, said everyone the entire trip had been so helpful and accomodating, which is great. Once past check-in I couldn't talk to them anymore so came on home , really to do nothing for a while.
Nicole and I met for lunch on Wednesday, at The Point again, especially to go with Dave Rubin to see the monument in town that commemorates the settlers of the town. After that we visited The New York Hotel (1924), still in business, up-dated rooms, somewhat, beautiful woodwork, The Scanlon Art Gallery, very up-scale, and in business since 1972,considered Alaska's Major Art Center, the owner a friend of Nicole, I've already mentioned Crazy Wolf Studios, Parnassus Book Store, in the process of moving to a new location, but able to see the wonderful collection of books, art, gifts, etc:, then strolled some on Creek Street, wooden streets with the rushing Creek below. I do hope some of my pictures in the book will help you get a feel of the uniqueness and quaintness of this place, along with the business of this place. It's like it never really stops.
Out my windows you see planes, helicopters, boats of every description, and we're right on the main street, so cars, motorcycles, constantly. But, then you realize there is "one main street" and one Narrows Inlet for everything that moves.

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