Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revisiting America

Out of the 26 days I've been in Ketchikan, it has rained 23 days, most of those days, all day, sometimes taking a lunch break, but most days non-stop. Usually a soft, slow rain which can be taken care of with a rain-type windbreaker. I'm still amazed that it is not very cold, but of course being on the water, etc" all that makes the difference. I knew it would be that way so it hasn't stopped my getting out and doing things. Now today, 8:00a.m., and there's a mimi-storm raging, wind blowing, raining very hard, still quite dark. This will probably be a day I won't venture out, it's Saturday, nothing really happening, good day to finish my book and plan the things I have left to do here.

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