Friday, October 14, 2011

Revisiting America

One of the first things we all wanted to do was ride to the "End" of the island. We went south out of town and loved the secnic ride, lush forests, speectacular views of the coastline surrounded by mountains, several beautiful waterfalls, bald eagles sitting on logs in a cove, even a water otter, of course it was in the water but called that because of the cove it was in, many old ram-shackled buildings which added to the quaintness of the area, but finally reaching the sign that said, "END". The last few miles were on gravel road, so we were determined to reach the end. Of course, all of this is documented with pictures
which yhou'll never see because of my inadequate use of the computer.
We do tend to time our sightseeing by our mealtime, so we were back in town in time for lunch at "Annabelle's, a famous keg and chowder house according to the menu which was printed like a newspaper and dating back to March 1927. The restaurant was housed in the Gilmore Building, a hotel, but was closed for rennovations but the restaurant decor and furnishings were of the period, so beautifully done. White tablecloths, silver, china, beautiful high-back chairs around the tables, fabric seats for the booths-very elegant, and great service.
The food was excellent. We all started with clam chowder and later claimed that to be the best of all the many places we ate. We ate a variety of things ,with the crab cakes getting rave reviews. My wonderful carrot cake dessert was the biggest of all so half of it came home with me. We would all like to eat there again.

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