Monday, October 3, 2011

Revisiting America

It's raining, but a beautiful day today, probably 45 degrees, cloudy. I would say, typical.
I attended Gateway Baptist Church yesterday, Pastor John W. Judson, an attendee of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, in the area with wife and children for about 15 years. Small attendance, showing 50 as the highest number attending during the month of September, but again, as most churches I've attended, many opportunities for service and involvement.
Good message, good music, and very friendly people. Their statement says, "the friendly church that is standing by the gate and pointing the way to Jesus Christ". His message certainly did that.
All roads lead to Walmart. I found one, not a Super store, but very nice. And there is a Mall, with a MacDonald's, which I'm sure draws a lot of people.
Not a big variety of stores in the Mall, but there are hundreds of other shops to browse in around town. Nicole is going to help me sort out those that shouldn't be missed, as well as other attractions. And we must have a list of the best seafood restaurants, especially those that feature the best salmon in Alaska.
I've found a walking "trail" partly on the main highway, but mostly by the water, through a neighborhood, with barking dogs, every kind of boat imagineable on the water, docked float planes, every-size, shape, and kind of house, but a "doable" walk, probably close to 3 miles. Will time it the next time I walk to be sure I'm doing enough. And i haven't gotten up the nerve to walk in the rain yet, so that could be limiting. We'll see.
I must say I appreciate my readers, but as I come to an end of my adventure, please comment on what you want to know. It is becoming "same-o, same-o to me and I'm afraid you'll lose interest. Especially since I've been in Alaska, I'm lagging. I will try to "rev-it-up" a bit in the next few weeks because I've not really said much, okay?

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