Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revisiting America

My blog is supposed to be about me and my travels, but what could be more important and exciting than telling about a new great-grandson, born several hours ago, to Lauren and Elliot Brown, 7lbs. some ounces, I didn't listen to that part well enough, 21 inches long, and named Mason Reed Brown. Baby and both parents doing well, and having already seen pictures, Mason is a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. How exciting and wonderful that all is okay!
It started raining Sunday morning and has just now stopped, not quite full daylight yet, and the wind isn't blowing. But that didn't keep a friend, Agnes Moran from picking me up yesterday for a ride up in the mountains, following some roads that she hikes on everyday. I went to the end of the road again, but this time all that was left was the hike, straight up, the mountain, Brown Mountain. The scenery couldn't have been more beautiful, sun shining or what. You could almost see the top of the mountain through the mist, but you could see the waterfalls. There was no start or finish, just the waterfall. Hope my pictures turn out. Made several stops to be able to view the Harriett Hunt Lake, Knudson Cove, and made a rest stop at Agnes's home, beautiful, right on the water, big picture windows in the living and dining areas. Why would you ever want to leave home?
But Agnes does, being a very active, wife, mother, Bourough Council member,on many other boards and committees, and being a Ketchikan native, so in tune to the needs and wants of the community. It was such a pleasure to spend time with her, and how would I ever have seen that part of Ketchikan without her taking the time. I loved it and hope I was able to convey to her how much I appreciated and enjoyed the tour and spending the time with her.

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