Monday, January 3, 2011

Revisiting America

Thanks for such a wonderful "send-off". Had no idea something like that was planned, but knowing my wonderful children, I'm not surprised. Didn't open the front door to look out, so I was totally surprised when I pulled out of the car port and everyone was there wishing me well.
Janie and I arrived within 30 minutes of one another, each uneventful trips, but mine was rainy most of the way.
Motel easy to find, so we began unpacking immediately, to get a little settled in before dark. Our room ample space, but, of course could use more storage room.
Sunday we attended First Baptist Church, Kenner, La. Beautiful church, contemporary music, on the wall singing, very deep sermon concerning the infallibility of the Bible, very mixed "bag" in the congregation. Janie has promised to attend Sunday mornings with me, but we aren't sure about Sunday night or Wednesday nights. We'll see.
We are mostly settled in our room,so plan to venture out today and begin establishing more of a routine to our days. ....We are re-visiting the book to see how we want to visit, document, and prioritize our time and days so we don't leave here saying we should have done "this" or "that".
Never having done a blog before, I'm not sure what a reader will want, but I'll have to find my way, so if it gets too boring, plese let me know.
Saturday really began an extraordinary time in my life. I would venture to say most people never have the opportunity to experience, or would if they could. I pray that I'll not let opportunities pass to witness to someone, that I'll be open to everything around me, and that I'll keep close with everyone at home and what's happening there.
Pray for us every day and help us keep you informed.
Love, Lou

Now for the other part of the team - this is Janie. Hadn't promised a blog to anyone, but I think this will be fun.

My impressions so far are a lot like Lou's because we are experiencing things together. My trip to New Orleans was longer (8 hours for me as opposed to 3 for Lou) but I didn't have any rain. For the first two hours of the trip, I saw about 10 cars because of leaving Austin early on New Year's Day. Traffic picked up on I-10 of course as I approached the city.

When I went to church with Lou yesterday, nothing catastrophic happened even though it had been some time since I had been to church - any church, anywhere.

Today is Monday, January 3, 2011, and we plan to start venturing out. Charles Kuralt didn't travel to all of these cities and just sit in his hotel/motel room.

I already miss my family in Austin - Dave, Ann, Jake and Josh. Jake has a birthday coming up on the 10th - he'll be 6. Ann has a birthday on the 12th but I won't give you her age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both.

If anybody out there is reading this, please give us some feedback. We'll blog again soon.


  1. Thrilled to see that this works. Keep us posted and no, it will not be boring. Have a great day.

  2. loved reading, so exciting!! will get to live this adventure vicariously through the two of you!! thanks for blogging!!

  3. Great first entry! We were sad to miss the send-off, but glad to know you got there safely!

  4. Keep us updated on your experiences!

  5. This is so exciting! Can't wait to read your postings every day. Y'all stay safe, praying for y'all daily.

  6. Dear Ms Lou, Nothing about you is boring. Not sure what your adventure is but I look forward to finding out from your blogs. Happy travels. Love, Donna Howard Nokes.

  7. So exciting!Hope you ladies have fun.Love Bonnie Goldman

  8. Mrs. Lou,
    I am so thrilled to be reading this! Each day is an adventure as you encounter places and people God has in store for you!

  9. I've resisted calling because I wanted you to get acclimated to your life on the road before dealing with too much input. I'm so proud of you for venturing out in this huge a way. Your two drives out to CA & all around before returning to AL gave you a good picture of what is to come. I keep thinking of little things, so I'll call & e-mail tomorrow. LOVE YOU!!! Your favorite brunette niece, Jo Anne

  10. Lou, we really missed you today, but we all know what a great time you and Janie are experiencing. Keep posting so we can enjoy the adventures you two will encounter. Love you MUCH

  11. I can't believe you are blogging!!! This is too funny. I hope you have a wonderful time! By the time you get home, the rest of the nation will know just how blessed we are to call you Grandmother! We love you so much. Have fun. Love Meagan

  12. Great background! Glad you got off to a happy and gentle start. My thanks to Jo Anne for telling me about your site. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip... no pressure... lol! Seriously, best wishes. Sounds like a wonderful plan and thank you for sharing with those of us at home.

  13. lou, i see that i got in this time, enjoying
    reading your blogs & glad you & janie are having
    a good time. we miss you. the weather is so
    bad here. i'll be glad when "sweat is dripping
    off the end of my nose". jack & milton are having a real good time in AZ. vince is posting
    pictures on face book. take care & WAR EAGLE1111

  14. This is great...keep on you.

  15. Hi Lou, I've just found out that you had begun blogging! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time...New Orleans (New Awlins) is one of my favorite places as we lived there for almost four years during our sojourn at the seminary. I love the free walking tours by the park rangers, beignets, the hidden courtyards in the quarter, and king cakes during this season. I taught down in Chalmette which if you take the steamboat you will see that area. Must zip for now! May His blessings pour out upon you! Love, Eileen

  16. Ms Lou, I have just "found" you. Wonderful reading so I know its a wonderful trip. Keep blogging. Love Patti