Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revisiting America

We're back.  Lou and I are both stunned to find out that people are actually reading our blog and waiting for the next entry.  We coudn't be more thrilled.

Yesterday was great fun.  We attended a demonstration class at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the Louisiana General Store.  Our chef was Kevin Belton who was featured in Kuralt's America.  He is 6' 9" tall and weighs approximately 400 pounds.  His business card reads, "Kevin Belton, Human Taxidermist," because he loves to stuff people.  In a 2-1/2 hour class, he cooked gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, and pralines.  The best gumbo and the best jambalaya I have ever tasted anywhere.  He's a fantastic chef and a stand-up comedian.  We laughed the whole time.  Makes for good digestion.  We were able to sit and talk with him for about 20 minutes after class.  He even told us some people to contact for more interviews.  I invited him to make the rest of the trip with us, but he has prior obligations.  Our loss.

We haven't had any more smoke-filled-room incidents, for which we are grateful.  But the trip ain't over yet.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi, Janie & Lou!! There are people who are waiting for your posts! Enjoy that, but don't let it pressure you. We'll keep checking back :))

    Glad you learned some new techniques from a funny expert. Was his method for making pralines similar to Nana's? I'm sure they didn't taste quite as wonderful, though.

    Hope Week Two goes as well as Week One (minus the burning roast).
    love you!! jo anne

  2. See, I told you guys that you are a hit!! Everyday I watch your followers grow. My Vice-President of Operations for LBA came in today and Ms. Debra had me tell her all about yall. Melissa was so amazed at this endeavor and wanted me to ask if you guys wanted any company. lol I made sure she had your web address so I am sure she will be following the stories. I love reading these blogs almost as much as I miss Lou. Love yall and take care of one another.

  3. I am enjoying the blog....can't wait for the book signing at the library....

  4. Mom & Janie! I get so tickled reading your blog, very entertaining, however I usually have a tear in my eye! Miss you guys! I can't imagine what the future will hold ... it's gonna be great! Keep up the good blogging work! LOVE & HUGS!