Thursday, January 20, 2011

Revisiting America

Great visit to New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA).  Beautiful inside and out.  As soon as we entered, I checked out a wheelchair.  Had my cane, but I knew this excursion was going to require more walking than I could manage in order to see everything we wanted to see.  Started on the 3rd floor and worked our way down.  We had planned to take a street car ride after NOMA, but that gave way to spending more time in the musuem.
The 3rd floor was Asian, Oceanic, African, and Pre-Columbian Art and incredibly varied and interesting.  But, as always, my favorite was the paintings.  On the 2nd floor, we saw works by Degas, Monet, Sisley, Corot, Vlaminck, Braque, Picasso, Pollock, and hundreds more.  Blown glass, decorative arts, period furniture, and some shoes and clothing native to the culture.  Of course, there were exhibits special to New Orleans.  Also, many pieces designed by Faberge, including some eggs. cigarette cases, hand seals, hand mirrors, snuff boxes, etc.  After all this, it was time for a late lunch.  The cafe was a Brennan's and we had great panini sandwiches, with a very large cookie for dessert.  The cookie was a freeebie by way of an apology because we had to wait a little while.
After lunch, we toured the 1st floor and saw Italian, Dutch and Flemish Art from the 15th to 18th centuries.  When we realized how long we had been in the museum, I turned in my wheelchair and we proceeded to the sculpture garden.  A Rodin, a Calder, and a great variety all in all.  There was a 3-sided sculpture of the blue dog - one side each in red and yellow.  A giant spider which will haunt my dreams for weeks.  Beautiful landscaping and bridges over the pond.
My favorite in all of the exhibits was "Portrait of an Old Man" by Jan Lievens painted in 1640.  The prfortrait was so realistic, I expected to see the old man breathe.
Neither Lou nor I had ever had so much uninterrupted time to spend in a museum.  Always before, there had been something to get in the way.  Thank you, NOMA.
Thanks, also, to Jimmy James for your comments today.  Lou and I were both thrilled to read your comments and know that people of discernment such as you are actually following the blog - reading it more than once.
More to come at a later date.  We have a busy weekend with friends coming for Friday night.

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  1. I hope this will be just the start of great art for you on this long journey. Hope you'll get that street car experience soon - fun to get on on Canal or St. Charles and go to the end, then pay again to go all the way back.
    jo anne