Monday, January 10, 2011

Revisiting America

Visited Thomas United Methodist Church for an 8:30 service(missed Sunday School which was at 7:45) and were warmly received, even asked to stand and tell about our trip.   We had met the pastor standing at the grocery deli waiting for the mac and cheese to cook.  Loved the music during the service, did a little toe-tapping at times.  Do-nuts and coffee and meet and greet after the service.
Remember the roast beef?  It is now "hash".  Did add slaw and green beans to the menu.
Rainy afternoon which was spent reading, napping, phone calls, and then the laundry experience.
Did you know these washers and dryers make $2.00 a load?  Anyway, that's over for another week.
Janie forgot to mention the wonderful biscuits and cane syrup served at our cooking experience.  Kevin went into a lengthy explanation about the cane syrup, something we definitely know about, while we were dying to get on with the tasting.  I am allowed one mistake a day, I heard, and mine for the day was asking the lady who was prepping for the next show if she was the "prep chef", when she was actually the next chef on the program.  She was very nice.
Anxiously awaiting the Auburn win  tonight! WAR EAGLE!   


  1. Ms Lou - you woulda been rich years ago @ $2 a load for laundry! Live and learn huh?
    The blog is wonderful, keep up the good work! Sloop many of us wait anxiously for it!
    Love and miss y'all!

  2. Ms. Lou and Ms. Janie, I love it!!! Sondra West posted the link to the blog so I "ran" to read. Please continue to share your trip with us.

  3. The post only listed my first name so I wanted you to know this is Debbie Roberts.

  4. Hi grandmother
    I'm tring to figure all of this blogging. Wanted to let you know that. We are praying for you and aunt Janie. I'll do my best to keep up with you two and keep you posted on Lillian Paige's progress.

    Love the Beech's

  5. It is Monday evening & even though Oregon just recovered a fumble w/ 5 min. left, it is safe to say Auburn won!! Know you're thrilled.
    One of the Sims sister-in-laws (Jill) is an U of O grad. The kids are at OSU in Corvalis. BUT many more of my family are Auburnites.
    Russ watched the 1st half with people from his office & they were all pulling for Oregon. Russ was the lone voice cheering for Auburn.
    Sundays are the best!! Glad you had another good experience on the road. Will you return there next week or try a new church? When we lived in Gretna oh so many years ago, we went to Faith Lutheran.
    After your high priced laundry (WHAT is that about?? should be FREE!!), you can try showering in your clothes, the wring out & drip dry. HA!
    Brian & Noosha just returned from the wedding in Nicaragua - he said they had to run through the Houston airport to make the connection to LAX.
    GOOD NIGHT!!! OREGON just scored + 2 point conversion!! TIE GAME. 2:30 min remaining... I'll sign out now, coz you'll already know the outcome when you read this.
    ENJOY your time in NOLA.
    love, jo anne