Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Revisiting America

I'm happy to report that "ONSTAR" and I are back on good terms;I was able to drive into N.O. Sunday without a scenic tour, so I'm encouraged to be off their "list".
We were looking forward to seeing Maude Patterson and Rita Crouch at the Norwegian Seaman's Church. I was a little surprised at the friendliness of everyone, don't know why, and though their was so much we didn't understand about the service or their conversations with one another I felt very "at home".  Parts of the service very formal; the pastors dressed in their robes, the scripture readings, the altar prayers, the communion, but very informal in other ways.  Everyone dressed very casually except some older ladies, who I imagine, would never consider wearing pants to church, children running around playing; the pastor's little boy dressed in "full pirate attire. The singing wasn't quite up to "Baptist standards", but several songs by the visiting Norweigan youth choir were very upbeat and contemporary. 
The building housed the sanctuary, a very large room with seating areas, serving tables, huge kitchen, a shopping area with Norwegian foods, maybe a half-dozen rooms for travelers, swimming pool, patio area, offices, and this was cared for by Lillian, who called herself the "housemother".  She had been at the church for several years, she was probably in her late twenties, had applied for the job, moved to N.O. from Norway and was very happy with her position. She took part in the worship service also, reading some of the scripture welcoming everyone and sharing the schedule of events.
It was a special day for the ladies of the church because they were recognized for their hard work and contribution to the planning and work involved in the church festival, a four day event, where baked goods were sold and money was raised for needs of the church.  Each lady was presented a long-stemmed red rose, Janie and I included.  Don't you always leave a worship service, whether in Norwegian or any language, saying. "It was good to be in the house of the Lord?
Monday was a very uneventful day; and I still must get used to having some days that aren't filled up with things to do.  Do need to report that I contributed to the "washer-dryer" fund again, then broke out the new iron I brought (most of my kitchen came with me) because the one in the room quit on us.
Even watched a movie in the afternoon, the first one we've found that we would even think about watching, so I guess going into our third week, I'm getting the hang of this adventure and really enjoying what I'm doing.  I too, can't imagine all that is in store for us, and we do promise to start making more opportunities to share with you.


  1. Maud brought pictures to lunch yesterday. Said you all had a great time and enjoyed seeing you and Janie. You'll looked great.
    Have fun

  2. Missed connecting again by phone, but it was good to hear your voices briefly on Sunday. I have a short (sort of) list to send you for your final days there. Will do so Friday :))) Have you had some biegnets and cafe au lait yet??? Please blow powdered sugar on each other & laugh as if I were there, too!!
    Love and blessings, jo anne

  3. Just discovered your blog...all caught up and have enjoyed...keep it up!