Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revisiting America

When I think back over our previous blogs, I think we should rename this Revisiting America's Food.  And we have more to offer on that same line.
Friday morning, we went into NO before noon and parked at our favorite lot by the Jax Brewery.  From there, we walked to the Musee Conti Wax Museum on Conti St.  Inexpensive, interesting, and full of Louisiana and New Orleans history.  Instead of solitary figures of famous people, there were scenes depicting that local history.  Doesn't take that long to visit, either, so a good place to spend a little time.
We walked back down Conti to Oceana/Olde N'Awlins Cookery for lunch.  (I've already warned you there was more food reportage coming.)  Fun, relaxed atmosphere and the best crab cakes ever as an appetizer.  Two big cakes with crawfish cream sauce to die for.  After we split that, we were foolish enough to order their seafood platter.  Shrimp, oysters, and catfish, and lots of all three.  Small serving of slaw, large serving of french fries.  We left there drifting all over the sidewalk - drunk on food.
The next venture was to ride the streetcars.  We walked down to the river and started with Route 2 - the Riverfront Line.  After we rode that forward and backward, we rode the Canal Street line to St, Charles Avenue to catch Route 12 - the St. Charles Line.  That one took us up and down St. Charles including the Garden District.  Over an hour and all for the price of $1.25 each.  Almost empty on the way out and very crowded on the way back with people going home from work.
We then went to the LaQuinta on Camp St, to spend the night.  Four of Lou's friends came in from Chatom, Alabama, for the night.  In alphabetical order: Glenda Armstrong, Bettye Jean Henson, Lee Sheffield, and Mary Ann Wilson.  A fun group.  If you ever meet Mary Ann, get her to tell you about "the boat" and "the dog."  Even the ladies who had already heard the stories laughed until they could hardly breathe. 
We walked to Poydras and down a couple of blocks to Mother's for - you guessed it - dinner,  As we were about to go in, we heard music and walked to the corner instead.  Saw a pre-Mardi Gras parade with a band and several floats. Caught lots of beads.  They don't throw Moon Pies anymore,  Back to Mother's.  Dinner was excellent.  The other ladies had seafood, but Lou and I ate off the breakfast menu.  Still sort of full from lunch, but that didn't stop us from eating again.  It's one of the things you just do when you're in N'Awlins. I ordered two scrambled eggs, and if that was only 2 eggs, they were ostrich eggs.  Grits, coffee, biscuit, and lots of very good smoked sausage. For dessert, a couple of the ladies got the bread pudding with rum sauce and it was awesome.  We all were gracious enough to help them eat it.
When we got back to the motel, we played cards in the breakfast area.  Pulled some tables together, with the hotel's permission, and played until about 2:00 or 2:30.  We all love "hand and foot," a variation of canasta.  We saw lots of people coming in with dogs.  So many we thought there must be a dog show in town.  Found out that it was just that the motel is dog-friendly.  No extra charge and all of the animals (and their people) are housed on one floor.  Isn't that great?
Saturday morning, the first stop was Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait.  Great way to start the day.  (Food, again.)  Walked through the entire French Market and a few other shops as well.  Here it comes ------ ate lunch at River's Edge.  Don't recommend it.  We were all disappointed with our choices.  After a late lunch, the Chatom group left for home.  Sorry to see them go because we had so much fun.
This brings us to this morning when we attended services at the St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans.  I'm going to let Lou fill you in on that.  I can't type anymore right now.
The car has made so many trips between Kenner and New Orleans, I don't think we need Onstar anymore.  Think the car could do it on autopilot.
Please let us hear from you so we know this isn't just going out into the great unknown.


  1. Hi ladies
    Glad to hear that you guys are having a great time. I saw Mrs. Glenda at our favorite meeting spot and she filled me in on your wonderful weekend. We are all doing well at our (Circus Near The Fork)! Still no baby yet but getting closer by the minute. Always good to take time to catch up. Looking forward to the latest.
    Love the Beech's

  2. Hello Ms. Janie. I promise this blog is not going out into the great unknown. I enjoy it very much.

    I had the honor of working with the "Chatom girls" (minus Ms. Betty Jean) when they were third grade teachers. They are truly a group. That was the heart of Chatom Elementary and some of the best of times.

    Please continue to share your experiences with us. I love it!!!


  3. You know if you keep on talking about that good food, you are going to have cars of people arriving any day. Glad you are having such a great time. We do miss you.

  4. I am speaking for all of us that visited. It was great. Can't wait to do it again.