Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revisiting America

When I checked my blog, after it posted, I realized that something was left out.  Don't know what I did.
If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't have hit the wrong key.
A major highlight of our stay here was the evening we spent in the home of a friend in downtown New
Orleans.  The building was constructed in 1840 as a townhouse (2 separate lodgings in the building) for
plantation owners to have a place in the city.  Beautiful old New Orleans architecture including columns and a gallerie (balcony) with wrought iron.  Inside the rooms are small but don't feel like it because they are so beautifully decorated (warmly and comfortably) and the ceilings are high.  There is original art hanging literally wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.  The draperies are all custom made and gorgeous.  Rugs are plentiful and gorgeous as well.  So many interesting sitting areas - one they called their den has a lot of Hollywood memorabilia, including a letter signed by Joan Crawford.  The dining table seats 10 and was set for dinner service with a floor-length cloth, gold chargers, silver, and crystal.  A door from the dining room opens onto the patio and pool area. A truly elegant home and very inviting.  Our hosts are a great source for some of the history of the city.
After a drink - cocktail, wine, or soft drink - we walked to a favorite restaurant of our hosts, the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen.  A full menu.  I had a delicious grilled eggplant pizza and tasted an appetizer of shrimp and artichoke dip.  Both delicious.  After dinner, we walked around the French Quarter for several blocks.  Still fairly early in the evening, but the Quarter was very busy.  Absolutely a great evening.  New Orleans offers endless variety in so many things.  Ya' gotta' love it.


  1. I missed these last 2 posts - busy times here. Glad to have time to catch up.
    I feel like I was there with you two - your descriptions give us a feel for the sights, tastes, and energy of NOLA. Thanks so much for taking time to journal publically. Your memories will be even more vivid because of what you're sharing.
    Love you both so much!
    jo anne

  2. Hi ladies,
    Im managing to find time to read blogs between changing diapers, fixing cups, washing clothes, giving bathes, shaving legs, and being a full time employee at two places. I'm really enjoying what I've read. It's bad that you have to travel across america to get the attention of the ones you love. Just kidding. You guys have a great eye for detail and an even better hand for penning it. Everyone here is doing fine. Can't wait to find time to read again!
    Love the Beechs