Friday, July 1, 2011

Revisiting America

Wednesday, the day before we were leaving was supposed to be a day at home, cleaning, packing, sorting, and just sorta relaxing.  Well, it turned out to be quite a busy day with no cleaning, packing, sorting or relaxing, but oh, so fun.
Walking out the door to go on our first errand, a strange truck was parked in the driveway, noticed someone over at the trees planted along the front yard.  He walks over and introduces himself, Joshua Jarvis, an Arborist, with Bartlett tree service.  Have you ever met an Arborist?  Me either.  He specializes in the care, treatment, planting, and nurturing of trees for individuals, businesses, and anyone needing to save trees.  He told us a great deal about his company, which was so interesting, but I will not share at this time.  Did we tell him about our trip.  Of course, we wouldn't let him leave the yard until he knew all about it.  So, another friend that will be looking for our book. 
Then into town to see Akonkha Perkins at Clover and give her a small gift because she had been such an angel to arrange meetings with people and tell us about places to visit  We will certainly treasure her friendship. 
We were expected at the home of Louise Denham, in Bridgewater at 11:00,so we just had enough time to make it on time.  So glad we got to see Harriet Worrell, Louise's daughter, and their friend, Dee Vanek, and tell them goodbye.
Mention Louise Denham and everyone knows about this great lady.  Such fun and so eager to go and be a part of things.  She arranged for us to go to Windsor, Vermont and visit with a family, dear friends of Louise and family, all the children drama students of Harriet, acting in plays, Sherrill designing and making costumes for the theatre productions, just a wonderful relationship that has continued through the years.  This entire family is involved in someway in different enterprises together. They've bought and restored a home as a "bed and breakfast".  "The Snapdragon Inn", with nine beautifully decorated bedrooms, all the reupholstering, painting, re-doing woodwork, everything done by family members.  All the rooms are so spacious, as is the dining, reception, sitting-study areas in the home.  The baths adjoining each bedroom have been newly renovated with three of the baths having the original"claw-foot" tubs in addition to the showers.  They say the grounds are a "work in progress", but that doesn't keep the home from being so grand. 
The Windsor Depot, another family enterprise has been turned into a restaurant, which has the original rooms partitioned off as they were as a depot.  The woodwork is outstanding.  Amtrak still stops there twice a day, so it serves this beautiful town in two ways. Louise treated us to a wonderful lunch there.
Must post for now, but have something very interesting for later.

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