Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revisiting America

My last comment about not blogging for a few days turned into a few weeks.  My last effort was such a disaster so I'll try to keep this in short segments to avoid the same thing from happening.
Our last entry did get us to Maine, settled in a motel for several days until we could get in our, not our house, but our "cottage."  Red, two story, old, sitting right on the water, on an embankment so when the tide is in you are actually seeing water and not lawn.  The house really could use an up-date as far as furnishings, etc:, but never enough to take away the charm of the place.  Two bedrooms and bath upstairs with a huge closet, and downstairs a bedroom and bath, kitchen, utility room, huge living and dining area with windows all over the house so you have a view everywhere you look.  On the Atlantic, with boats moored in the inlet, waves lapping and even white-capping some days, in a few minutes can be fogged in so you can't see anything, the rocky coast of Maine, beautiful beyond description.
The phrase, rocky coast of Maine, doesn't say that there are flowers everywhere in those rocks, along side the road, ( I guess God tends and waters these),  every yard full, in flower pots on every porch and window sill, as well as beautiful lawns of very green grass, hardwood trees that are perfectly shaped, rocks everywhere in yards that look like they were put there to decorate the space, some houses so large they look like hotels, and then smaller, older ones like ours.  The beauty of this is no two houses are alike.  I have to stop this and get on to other things because the scenery can change in an hour's time.

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