Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revisiting America

Wednesday, after being with Louise and her friends we were running late to be back home at a certain time so Sherrill offered to drive "Miss Louise" home to Woodstock. We surely hated saying goodbye, not having any idea when we would see one another again.  That's a sadness about this whole trip.
Another angel of ours, Pam Butler, at the Thompson Senior Center had arranged a TV interview for us at 3:30 at our house.  As we pulled in the drive-way, Susie Steimle of WCAX TV Rutland, Vermont, was taking pictures of our arrival.  It took her a few minutes to set her camera up in the liviing room and give us a chance to refresh hair and lipstick.  We sat and talked for a few minutes and then she took some shots of the house, which we hope will be great advertisement for Scott and Afshan in renting their house.  We felt like the interview went well and after saying goodbye to Susie, got ready to go to the Thompson Center for dinner and a movie.
We kept waiting for the news clip to come on the news at the Center, but people were at the Center to see the movie and not us, to after eating salad,

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