Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revisiting America

Sunday, July 3, my Robby's 57th birthday,(my, that makes me seem so old), we walked around the corner from our cottage to church at Wilson Memorial Chapel.  Religious services have been held in Ocean Point as early as 1899, in homes, then the Casino which is really a community center.  In 1917, the Janet M. Wilson Memorial Chapel was dedicated in memory of Lewis G. Wilson's wife, Lewis having been the minister of the chapel, as well as other ministers summering in the area.  The Chapel was owned for many years by the Unitarian association, then in 1985 bought by a committed group of Ocean Pointers who established a charitable corporation to hold ownership of the building, then raised funds to buy the building from the Unitarian association.  The interdenominational character of the Chapel has been maintained, with officiating ministers and attendees drawn from many religious fellowships.  The chapel is maintained through the work and monetary generosity of Ocean Pointers, friends and worshippers.  The services have been wonderful.  Rev. Charles Carrick, Chaplain, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, PA, Rev. Peter Panagore, Minister, First Radio Parish Church of America, Ocean Point, ME, Rev. Wesley A. Smith, Minister, First Baptist Church, Hamilton, NY, and this Sunday we'll hear Rev. Jack Fles, Minister, Episcopal Church, Gardiner, ME.  The organist, Danny Beal, has been coming for years and playing for the services. 
The funniest thing.  The first Sunday I attended, during the song service, I kept hearing a sound like one of the organ stops was still sounding and I kept wonderding why he didn't turn it off.  Well, when he moved away from the organ and sat in a pew and the sound kept on and on, I realized it was the fog horn that blows non-stop every minute, for ever and ever. 

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