Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revisiting America

Sunday afternoon we were invited to the neighborhood cook-out-get-together.  We met everyone living around us and others too.  Everyone so interesting, likeable and easy to be around.  Many of them live here six months out of the year and have been coming here in summers most of their lives.  I won't mention all of their names now but the closest neighbors are Leslie and Lanny Whitehouse, David and Allyson Butterworth, and Elizabeth, Randi, and Dale, forgot their last name.  They all have been helpful in mentioning places to see, things to do, and especially, places to eat.  They also warned us that some locals would shoot fireworks for more than just one night to celebrate the holiday.  A fireworks show was planned in town but had to be canceled because of fog.
Shirley and Marge are planning to come and visit on the 14th so we got tickets for the play "nunsense" at the Boothbay Playhouse, and for the Carousel Dinner Theater which is a musical revue of Neil Diamond songs during dinner,then a revue of hit songs during the year 1954.  This called for lunch at the "Lobster Dock", right downtown on the water, and the place where the owner Mitch Weiss had a "crab-cake" throwdown with Bobby Flay.  We met Mitch and his wife Dawn at the neighborhood outing.  Wonderful crab-cakes, but I don't think Mitch won the throwdown.
Friday, July 8, we decided to drive to Pemaquid Point to see the lighthouse and this is the exact place Robert Mitchell took the photograph of Kuralt that is the cover of the book "America", our travel guide.
From Boothbay Harbor across the water to Pemaquid is about four miles, but driving there,  a  distance of about 45 miles,  took us well over an hour in time.   You go through Boothbay Proper, through Edgecomb and North Edgecome to Highway 1, east for a few miles and across the Demariscotta River at Newcastle, then down the Damariscotta Pennisula through Bristol, Pemaquid, and New Harbor to the Point.  It was well worth the trip.  The view was spectacular, the rock formations that form the shore the most unusual I've ever seen with beautiful colors and designs, no seaweed, waves crashing.  Wow!  And, Janie and I posed for our picture in the exact  place Kuralt did.  How ironic that I asked a stranger if he would take our picture and he was a professional photographer, newspaperman, writing a book on photography, and teaches classes on the subject.  Just another one of those serendipities!  We did stop for ice cream on the way so that could have added a few minutes to our time.  Anyway, a lovely afternoon to see a very special place. 

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  1. I'm so glad to be hearing about your adventures in Maine! I've missed you! My husband & I visited 9 lighthouses in Maine on one of our last pre-children vacations together. Pemaquid was our absolute favorite because of the rocks and because it was so private and quiet when we were there in the Fall. We were the only ones there for most of the time. I'd love to see your pictures... eventually! Much love,