Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revisiting America

Well, I almost got through without a disappearing act, but it just happened as I was describing Mary Lou Teel's impression of Kuralt.  It was very evident that she and her husband had a wonderful working and personal relationship with Kuralt. It was a pleasure meeting and visiting with her.  And, she also said, "write the book."  And I will talk more about our visit in the book.
Well, I am now a "solo" act.  Janie was able to get a flight home Tuesday and leave with Shirley and Marge as they went to Portland to get their plane home.  We spent all day Monday packing all of her things to ship and was able to do it Parcel Post, very reasonably.  Janie wasn't getting any better, could hardly walk around without being in such pain, couldn't enjoy things we had planned, and really needed to get a diagnosis, proper treatment and pain management, for her own good.  We had talked about it several times already, and she made the decision.  I know it was hard for her to go, but she really had no choice.  I've talked to her since she got home and she already has appointments lined up for next week to begin the process.  Hopefully no harm has been done as much as she has walked and tried to be okay.  She already had been told to have knee surgery.  I'll miss her!  I already do.
Kay and Ellene will be in around 11:30 tonight to stay until Wednesday, so I'm excited, not having seen them for three months, and that's one reason I wanted to blog the Maine(main) thing. 
I probably will leave on the 29th rather than the 30th because it will be at least a three day trip to Ely, Minnesota.  I don't have a place secured yet, but several possibles.
I will try to blog again before I leave.  And I especially ask for your prayers now that I will be traveling alone.  Wrong!  We're never alone.


  1. Praying for relief for Janie and a safe journey for you.

  2. Having been to Minnesota a couple of times--my advice buy some kind of insect repellant before you get there. Seriously! Those things are as big as small planes!!!!!

    Sorry that Janey is not doing well. I am sure you will continue getting visitors now and then. Remember we are all keeping up through your blog. Write more, not less so we will know how you are. You are getting to be GOOD on your computer.

    Hope Janey's condition improves as she gets home w her dr. Am enjoying experiencing this trip vicariously.

  3. Mosquitos I mean. Those are the things that are as big as small planes.

    Reading these things before you post is a really good idea isn't it?

  4. Dear Lou,
    I'm sorry that Janie won't be able to continue to accompany you on this trip; I'll be praying as you continue "solo." Because today is July 30, you are probably getting ready to resume your travels to the next spot. I've had a delightful summer..rambled, roamed, rested, read, to my heart's content..I have an unexpected all-day special education meeting that has been called for August 8th but officially begin school on August 9th. Leroy has a new principal as Larry Massey has retired!
    Some of us are getting together this Monday evening to help Kim Hubbard accomplish some tasks for the wedding this coming weekend. :) Must zip for now! Blessings and His joy, Eileen