Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revisiting America

post card.
I will not blog again for several days because we have to have WIFI connected once we are in the house and I know you'll be so glad to have relief from this hodge


  1. Hi Lou and Janie,
    Have your ears been burning? I've been telling my sister and brother-in-law about your trip! All is well here in Florida as I help take care of my parents. I'll be making the trek to Chatom this coming Thursday...glad to hear that you are in Maine...imagine that the weather is heavenly for this time of year. Just want you to know that I've prayed for Janie's arthritis....that the Lord would take the discomfort as far from her as the east is from the west! Blessings...I tune in regularly to hear the news. Eileen

  2. Hope all is well there in Maine. How is Janie's back? I hope you're getting some relief and able to enjoy this new beautiful place you're in! We miss you and have you on our minds at The Thompson.
    With love,