Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revisiting America

pizza, and apple crisp with ice ceram we watched the movie and not the news clip.  The movie,"The King's Speech" was great and again we were with the folks at the Center.  Got home around 9:00 and Dee had a web site for us to access the news clip.
Such a busy day and so much to be done before leaving , so worked awhile then on to bed.  Slept well.
Janie, I think, has gotten progressively worse with her spinal arthiritis, so I knew we would have difficulty getting everything packed and in the car to leave.  Up come Deanna Jones, our angel, and helps Janie especially get everything downstairs and in the car.  We did have time to visit a few minutes over left-over potato salad and meat loaf and talk about family.  Again, I will have that the people at the Thompson Center for Seniors are the most dear people.  The energy they expend making things worthwhile and nice for people is so amazing.  We became full-fledged members of that wonderful place, but we know it's the people that make the difference.  We already miss all of them.
We left Woodstock around 12:30 after saying goodbye to another wonderful friend and neighbor, Barbara West.
Our Onstar directions certainly led us through country roads to Boothbay Harbor Maine.  It was quite a trip, taking several hours longer than we had expected, but we did arrrive around 6:30 to this beautiful place.  I think it's going to take a little more time before I can describe it adequately. 
We are in a motel in town until Saturday then our house will be available.  I was up early Friday morning so walked the mile into town and walked around looking at shops, restaurants, and the lovely views of water, boats and beautiful homes perched on the hillside.  Everything is so picutresque, I call picture

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