Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dRevisiting America

Ladies from "Hand in Hand" invited us to lunch Friday at the "Long Trail Brewery", a fun place, barn-like, noisy, casual atmosphere, and great food.  Lauren hosted this outing and we were so glad  her nephews Tyler and Traver were there, Madeline, Renett, Ann, Prue and granddaughter Jasmine.  These are such good folks that devote their time at "Hand in Hand" to carry out their Mission Statement, truly a service organization.  Lauren is the capable leader of this effort and does everything from gathering the food each week, planning the theme, assigning the volunteers, there are many, just making the whole thing work.  Lauren, Janie and I admire and respect the work you do for the community.
We were so glad to meet two sons of Scott Chisholm, our home owner.  Scott, his mom, whom we had already met, and the two boys came by to pick up the camper for a trip to the Blue Grass Festival in Tunbridge.
Sunday morning I prepared dinner before going to church with the idea in mind of inviting Brian Birdsall and daughter Tory to lunch  if they were not already scheduled.  Janie said I should let the church members have that opportunity.  Well, by now I feel like a church member, we've gotten to know so many people, have really enjoyed the pastors messages, and feel quite at home there.  I did ask Brian and Tory for lunch because they were not already spoken for.  Brian, works with Campus Crusade for Christ and has been in Kiev, Russia for almost twenty years.  Tory is a sophmore at Rice in Houston, Texas, and they are in Woodstock for the summer.
Mom, is in school in South Carolina, completing work on several degrees as she is teacher and administrator at a school for Campus Crusade for Christ worker's children.  I thought we were taping our talk during lunch, but it didn't happen, so I will tell you more later.  Brian, while a student at Dartmouth was  responsible for leading many other students to this church in Woodstock, a relationship that is continuing to this day.  I do wish them well as they continue in their work and schooling.

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