Monday, June 20, 2011

Revisiting America

A brochure naming the many reasons a person or family should move to Woodstock says, "the pace of life is less hectic, the schools are excellent, and the four seasons offer constant change", and many find new opportunities for recreation even though the winters can be long.
  Woodstock is one of the few Vermont municipalities organized as a town, and within the boundaries of the town there exists an incorporated village.  The Town of Woodstock is governed by a five member Select Board, and the Village of Woodstock is governed by a five memeber Board of Trustees. 
   The town and village of Woodstock each have a set of zoning by-laws that regulate all land development, building construction, and property uses with permits required before any activity may take place.
   An elected Board of Listers is responsible for establishing the value of all property in town for tax purposes and the town and village tax rate are set annually in June.
   After being here only a few weeks I can see how all of these things make Woodstock the unique place that it is.  May I describe this place as "picture postcard" in every way.

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