Thursday, June 23, 2011

Revisiting America

I have typed this blog once before, it said it posted, but it is not appearing, so if it appears twice, or three times, sorry.
The mission statement of the Thompson Center for Seniors and Community reads:
It is the mission of the Thompson Center to be a multigenerational gathering place for our community.  Our programs and activities will promote the physical, intellectual and social well-being of the adult community to enhance dignity, self-worth and independence.  The Thompson Center will act as a resource and advocate for our senior population, providing timely support on issues that affect aging in our rural community
  I admire these people, Deanna Jones, Executive Director, Diana Leskovar, Program Director, Pam Butler, Asst. Director, Chef Ryan Martin (he prepares such good, tasty meals which I think is so hard to do when you prepare such quantities) who work so tirelessly to carry out these ideals.
  Janie and I were so thrilled to be invited to talk to the group about our adventure.  Everyone seemed to enjoy, asked questions, and really were encouraging.  We were so glad Deanna Heon and Barbara West could join us at the Center. 
  Audrey Richardson came by and took our picture for an article in the local paper, The Vermont Standard.
We have enjoyed our visits to the Center so much!

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  1. We feel so blessed that we have met you! We'll be following you as you continue on this journey. We hate to see you go, but can't wait to hear about what you discover and who else you meet along the way.