Saturday, June 18, 2011

Revisiting America

There isn't much to blog about this week. The weather hasn't been particularly nice, cloudy and rainy most days, but still in the lower 70's so I won't complain. Janie hasn't felt like doing anything. We went to the Thompson Center for Seniors and Community on Tuesday for blood pressure check, and then she made an appointment at the Health Clinic here to try to get some relief. They made X-rays and determinded it was not back problems, but arthiritic in nature. They did prescribe medication and will help her get set-up for cortisone injections when we get to Maine. Her doctor in Austin also ordered some Blood-work done. So, she has tried to lay around and get better as the week progressed. Tuesday at the Center we talked to some of the ladies, and we had been invited to the Center for that purpose, about our trip, and they have asked us to speak to everyone on Tuesday the 21st. A reporter from the Vermont Standard newspaper will be there also to interview us.

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