Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revisiting America

A couple of other things in New York, then I'll get current. I always go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I just never get to spend enough time there. This visit was only several hours, but better than nothing. Saw Rembrandts, Vermeers, and other Old Masters. I love Vermeer and actually saw four of his paintings. In Impressionists and other painters of the same time period, I saw Degas, Manet, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Tissot. I became familiar with Tissot by playing a computer game and love his work. Saw a couple of his paintings and a portrait of him painted by his friend, Degas. The museum building itself is very impressive, and when you think of everything the huge building has to offer, it's truly awesome.
Saw the New York Yankees play the Totonto Blue Jays at the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The stadium is huge, as befits the Yankees, and it was fun to see the Yankees play (and win, by the way). I don't even like baseball, but who could turn down a chance to see them play in real life?
A couple of nice young men sat in front of us and we talked to them throughout the game. One of them shared a beer with me. Thanks. It was a very hot afternoon, and some cold beer went down very well. When the guys were dragging the field between innings, "YMCA" played on the sound system. The guys went through the motions of stepping to the music, and when the chorus came on, they went through all the YMCA motions. Lots of fun.
Now we're in Woodstock, Vermont, and it's a quaint and beautiful village. We've already met some fascinating people, and I'll get into that more in the next blog. Lou told you that I had some severe back pain, so I saw a PA at the Ottaquechee Health Center and found that I have advanced(?) arthritis in the lower back area of my spine. She gave me some medication and tried to set up an appointment foa a cortisone injection in my spine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Hanover, but they were booked until late July. So she is going to help me with a referral to someone in Maine. Anybody know of a top-notch hospital in the Boothbay Harbor, Maine, area? I'd be very interested in that information.
Closing the blog for now, but will be back soon.

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